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Psalmist, The - Anointing
(from the album Heart of Worship)
© copyright 2008, Fear of the Drum Records

Anointing fall on me; anointing fall on me;
let the power of the Holy Ghost fall on me;
Anointing fall on me.

Verse 1:
I want to move in your power more/
Thats the thing the heart of your servant's longing for/
They say that the tongue is a two edged sword/
Without the power what the heck is the rapping for?/
Got to lay it down daily at your altar LORD/
Need the Blood but I don't need all the blood and gore/
The saying goes that when it rains it pours, so pour on me/
Soak me straight to the core, that's a bullet I'll bite with no dodging/
Spirit's so calming, yes I need Him/
To fight the pain of your people like Orajel and baby's teething/
Anointing break the yolk, there's no double meaning/
Far from dreaming, got to bulk up for the war like creatine and steroids/
Your joy and Your Boy's blood makes me unstoppable/
Like a meter with unlimited gold coins/
When I'm keeping it coy and honest/
I need the anointing, I won't misuse the power I promise//

Verse 2:
Need it more than deserts need the rain/
To appreciate the joy you got to go through pain/
As I pray fan the flame, turn me ablaze/
Holiness it's a lifestyle more than a passing craze/
Bought it hook, line and sinker but I'm no sucker/
Truth is I realized that I must die just like John Tucker/
Straighten my lifestyle out like bumpers/
So you can hear my words and I'm more than a gum bumper/
Boost me like jumper cables, I'm not perfect/
But ready, willing and able for your purpose/
I'll die to myself so I can life in You/
I'll ride by myself when no one else will ride for you/
I'm Bonnie to your Clyde with a bible by my side/
Anything less than anointed's not gonna fly/
I'm jumping to your jive and dancing like David/
Just anoint me for your purpose like your servant David//