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Psalmist, The - Heart of Worship
(from the album Heart of Worship)
© copyright 2008, Fear of the Drum Records

Verse 1:
In the late night LORD, what's the heck a mic for?/
I trip over mic cords, my life is an eyesore/
I offered up offerings, did it just like Cain, LORD/
but when You're here, realize that's not what you came for/
King of endless worth, sprung from the immaculate birth/
saw it in the beginning, You'll see the death of earth/
No, I'm not worthy, but here I am crying LORD/
a ram with it's horn in the thicket, wasn't what You planned for/
I'll burn like incense on the mantle, pray like a mantis/
won't be a fair weathered friend, but a fanatic/
God, You're fantastic, disinfect my sinful life/
like fantastic, took the life of a bastard/
Yeah I got a pop's on earth/
but took the sins of my dad's dad dad and broke the family curse/
So it hurts when I'm here crying out to you LORD/
I'm dieing inside, burning alive, it's what I'm here for//

I'm coming back to the heart of Worship,
and it's all about you, it's all about you Jesus.
I'm sorry LORD for the thing I made it,
when it's all about you, its all about you Jesus.

Verse 2:
In the early morning/
when I should be earnestly seeking your face, I hit the alarm clock then I stay yawning/
Pray on my way to public transportation/
hardly giving you praise, I forget the state of our nation/
I know I'll be confronted with situations/
that test the faithfulness of your servant, without my master, no way I'll make it/
I find I'm real when the Psalmist is mascaraed/
and I'm crying, simplifying the process, I just approach as David/
That's where the rubber meets the pavement, got to get it done/
You sacrificed Him for my saving, how'd you slay Your Son?
It don't make sense to me like a divided dollar, holla/
You're worth more than the best Gucci suit, the finest Prada/
Why bother with a peasant? You're the highest King ever/
to be a servant for your Kingdom's sake, it is a priceless treasure/
Beyond measure is your splendor, if I was ever/
severed from your side, kill me, can't be a Holy Spirit beggar//


Verse 3:
I want to be sacrificed like in Romans 12/
and want to be chastised, my flesh hitting the belt/
Or the cat of 9 tails, what they did to you let happen to me/
cause when I die the way you did, I'll be right where you be/
Not saying that I'll be a God/
but consider me a royal generation, priesthood, person considered odd/
Let my blood blot the streets of Jerusalem/
I don't see how we loosing them, could stay blood transfusing them/
God, just want to move in your power more/
withdraw more of Psalmist, deposit more of LORD/
The word is a double edged sword/
more deadly than Samson's hand, when it gripping up a donkey's jaw/
Heavy like an elephant's paw, I saw the LORD/
seated on high, angel's cry Holy, Holy, Holy LORD/
Like I said before, I'm dirt and You're diamond/
unworthy here I'm crying, heart of worship steady what I"m searching for//