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Psalmist, The - Thank You Again
(from the album Heart of Worship)
© copyright 2008, Fear of the Drum Records

Verse 1:
The old record spins like 78 rpm's/
And then the memoirs begin/
I flash back to brighter days/
hoping that I can see one/
But just like the pounds that I've gained/
They've all been packed away/
Still through the pain and despite the way I feel/
Seen you work like a job on my side and you kept it real/
Never gutted dutches but I O.D.'d on pain pills/
Cause loneliness brings pain and we all heard that pain kills/
And they say pressure bust pipes/
But pressure forms diamonds if you using it right/
And you put more fight in me than martial artists/
Soul'd out like Marvin/
Hungry for success like the boy was starving/
Starved for approval, though the music move you/
As a juvenile, pops always told me I would use it frugal/
So always have a back up plan/
But faith is that thing that moves them mountains man//

I'm not the same, you changed the game/
And I just want to thank you again/
And I just want to thank you again/
And I just want to thank you again/
You kept me strong, through the midst of storms/
And I just want to thank you again/
And I just want to thank you again/
And I just want to thank you again/

Verse 2:
Moved from womanizing, always trying to cop me a feel/
To being holy and righteous in your eyesight and to me it's ill/
Still moving forward like topspin/
No time for rags, not Scott Joplin/
Been through the pits like moshing/
Was dirty like filth, you raised me like stilts/
Did a few crimes, no time, no guilt/
Paid in full, my price was not financed/
So I worship you with my life, music and silence/
You are so timeless, from before council of Nicea/
Now the modern day when I see ya'/
Protecting me, you wouldn't let me take my life/
Improving my self worth, you always love me right/
So I love you back/
Obedience and sacrifice are the things that you desire so I give you that/
I'm modified like cars tweaked that was imported Jap/
No hype man, this thing here this is real rap//


Verse 3:
I'm not the same, I compute differently/
God changed my ways, it's no mystery/
From Jimmy Sticking cars and some ID fraud/
To a Pentecost experience where I got floored/
It's funny how a second it could change you're whole mindset/
Funny how the truth, it just pierce through the nonsense/
This here, this is more than experience/
If I'm crazy, it's for you I'm delirious/
O.K. with the stigma, no box from Tiffany's/
But in love with You since I found out you was into me/
I changed, started walking with a holy limp/
180 like about face or a sudden flip/
No lip service, my past is worse than my future/
I hear your voice now, I won't mute ya'/
Like Hip Hop on ya' cause it suit ya'/
Gotta walk in holiness cause I don't want to pollute ya' never//