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Psalmist, The - Hypocrisy
(from the album Heart of Worship)
© copyright 2008, Fear of the Drum Records

Verse 1:
It's been less than 6 months since I hit you with a disc kid/
When drama arises, it throws me like a discus/
Missed it, what's that?/
The conversation coming out of your mouth/
Like the Psalmist wasn't a Christian/
Yeah, he's too positive, yeah I'm positive canon/
Take a Christian CD, present it like it's worldly branded/
You wear Christ on your sleeve, in my heart He's managed/
To hold me back from killing you'll like I'm a savage beast/
Hallelujah, Amen, Preach it preach/
Just a man enraged, my threshold been reached/
How many times you'll gonna come at me like I'm the opposition/
Well then combat me, if the church on a mission/
To destroy me cause God deploy me/
I'll go non-denominational the Christ will employ me and overjoy me/
If I'm not preaching enough it's just cause I'm real/
And God's not known for sending out fake soldiers to the battle field//

Hypocrisy is mocking me/
Go ahead and laugh/
Judgingly you put me on blast/
Lovingly I'm holding back my wrath/
Keep anger out my grasp/
Son I'm just avoiding the blood bath/
Hypocrisy is mocking me/
Laugh and do you/
Cause if I'm not Christian enough, than neither are you/
So much drama must be acting/
Fake Christian, Satan laughing/
Too much for you to fathom?/

Verse 2:
So you won't support the CD? It's no biggy/
But then why you want it as a freebie? Thought it was too gritty/
Guess I'm not too pretty/
I'm hated by the church and loved by the inner city/
(Come on is he for real?)
No I'm no the boy from VA/
But I'm real on every track that I done, could put the CD on replay/
God my sensai, studied in his dojo/
Try to love every man who disrespect me, no homo's/
Let's change the pace from a jog to a run/
Yes I'm covered in the blood and still I'm bothered by some/
Perhaps it's cause their artistry course has been run/
And I'm doing things they couldn't by the strength of the Son/
I'm just a solar powered battery and if I'm eclipsed/
Might get assault and battery and be noneffective/
See you could be bishop, I'll just be the rook that I am/
Have different tactics in the battle plans of the I AM//


Verse 3:
So I'm coming at your neck, I'll keep you name out of it/
No disrespect, they way you carry yourself, shouldn't be proud of it/
Jesus said, “Walk this way,” like Aerosmith/
And you pride yourself on the way you walk, but its the opposite/
Direction, directive is/
To humble thyself, if you want the deity thoroughly impressed kid/
The quest is the love like the drummer from the roots/
And not to cause unwarranted riots like zoot zoot/
Some the cats coming at me is obsessed with the glutious/
Maximus of women that strut hard when passing through/
Some others with the ta-ta's, the thin waists, the nalga's/
Young girls, statutory common, cradle robbers/
They love the drama/
Casted as the world turns, but I got One life to live/
The phrase that all my children heard/
Some got third degrees cause they like to play with burners/
Some is wife beaters, no sleeves, they Ike Turner/
More than 16 in rap is unheard of/
In Holy Hip Hop not real, our hearts hardly murmur/
Find the truth, but in our raps we move away from it further/
Swear we don't struggle with our old habits like they all murdered/
BS, sorry if it's too offensive/
And it put you on the defense cause I'm too aggressive/
100 souls in 1 week son, is that impressive?/
Cause God did that through the ministry, fall back learn your lesson//