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Psalmist, The - One Day
(from the album Heart of Worship)
© copyright 2008, Fear of the Drum Records

Verse 1:
It ain't easy to discuss it/
Maybe there some habits in your life that are disgusting/
Maybe there some things that happened that left you ruptured/
Left your lungs punctured, can't breath but believe/
(Freedom will come one day)
Maybe your a son who was touched by the parish/
Maybe your a girl whose molested by her parents/
Want the pain to vanish, just like magic/
It cuts deep, just breathe/
(Freedom will come one day)
Maybe you smoked 'til your lungs turned black/
Maybe you huffed think you can't go back/
Maybe you taroted, dabbled in witchcraft/
You feel trapped, just know/
(Freedom will come one day)
Maybe you're a proper but you just ain't receive/
Maybe you was churched but you just ain't believe/
Maybe you had pain, now addicted to Alieve/
And you want addiction to leave/
(Freedom will come one day)

Just place your eye's on Zion/
(Freedom will come one day)
The LORD still sees you Crying/
(Freedom will come one day)
Just know your gonna make it/
(Freedom will come one day)
He will end the heart aching/
(Freedom will come one day)

Verse 2:
Maybe you was smutting,
Low self esteem believing that you was nothing/
Longing for some loving/
Really just a hug but got it cooking in the oven/
The hurt will fade and you know/
(Freedom will come one day)
Maybe you're the partner that should've been smarter/
No love for love, you got nothing to barter/
Father never hugged you, never said I love you/
The pain is the same and you know/
(Freedom will come one day)
Maybe you're the baby, they wanted to abort you/
No real love at home, this did distort you/
Now you're relating twisted/
Recycling the pain of 2 misfits/
(Freedom will come one day)
Maybe you're the family friend/
Gonna pray nonstop until the pain ends/
Connected to the promise, don't doubt like Thomas/
Your faith is completed and it lets you know/
(Freedom will come one day)


Verse 3:
Maybe you're indebted, the credit cards got you/
APR's sky high, but this ain't stop you/
Spent it all quick, no one out shopped you/
The bill did shock you/
(Freedom will come one day)
Maybe you was locked down/
Maybe your cousin was gunned down with a tre pound/
You got 2 different pains when you lay your head down/
My God can heal the pain/
(Freedom will come one day)
Maybe you're an Internet freak/
Different porn site every day of the week/
Sex devoid of relationship, this gets to you/
Lonely with nobody next to you/
(Freedom will come one day)
Maybe the bottle is your buddy/
The downers depress you and the uppers make you jumpy/
Mixing drugs like a cocktail/
And this blows up like a Molotov cocktail/
(Freedom will come one day)