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shai linne - Testify
(from the album Storiez)
© copyright 2008

Verse 1:
We’ll start right now His name is Mike Brown/
Born in Detroit but raised in Chi-Town/
See, Mike was bright but Mike liked to fight/
From night to night, all types Mike would strike down/
No PG at 13 Mike was R-rated/
By 14 behind bars incarcerated/
Released at 15- straight path no-brainer/
Parole officer hooked him up with a trainer/
Trainer was a Christian father figure and/
Taught him discipline- turned him into a junior Olympian/
No doubt with the hand skills Mike was nice/
But God rocked him and Mike gave his life to Christ/
The congregation is waiting for the next reply/
Preacher said, “Son stand up and testify”/
The very next words that you heard coming through the speaker/
“I used to be a thug, but now I’m a believer!"

If you repented of your sins- Testify/
If you're trusting in Jesus- Testify/
If you believe in His death, burial and resurrection/
Testify (say what?) Testify/
If you’re saved by grace- Testify/
If you’re seeking God’s face- Testify/
If you know that you were put here to glorify God/
Testify (say what?) Testify

Verse 2:
Story number two about a girl named Sue/
Raised in the ‘burbs not far from Saint Lou/
Sue’s intelligence was prodigious, she wasn’t religious/
In fact she thought Christians were all superstitious/
She thought their arguments were inconsistent/
Didn’t find them convincing- full paid scholarship to Princeton/
Freshman year she had a roommate named Kristen/
In God’s providence, Kristen was a Christian/
She gave Sue a copy of Mere Christianity/
Through reading it, Sue got convicted of her vanity/
When she discovered the love of Christian sisters and brothers/
for each other is when the Lord grabbed a hold of her/
The congregation is waiting for the next reply/
Preacher said, “Sis stand up and testify”/
Sue said “Jesus made this heathen new/
Wanna know my testimony read Ephesians 2!"


Verse 3:
Story number three, we’ll call her Cece/
Raised in Maryland, not far from D.C./
She’s got a lot to cherish, thanks God she’s not embarrassed/
about her parents because they had a rock solid marriage/
Father straight loved her, gave like no other/
Raised with her brother by a stay at home mother/
Her life always had the true God in the mix/
Because her parents understood Deuteronomy 6/
She was raised in the fear of the Lord/
Amazing grace appeared and she was saved at the mere age of four/
A true clear conviction, the old is replaced/
She’s a fruit-bearing Christian who’s growing in grace/
The congregation is waiting for the next reply/
Preacher said, “Sis stand up and testify”/
Cece said, “I ain’t got no horror story/
God saved me in my youth I give Him all the glory!”