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shai linne - Wake Up, You're Alive
(from the album Storiez)
© copyright 2008

Verse 1:
One night a while ago I had a crazy dream/
That shady beings were probing my mind with a laser beam/
The pain was high octane, ten times the intensity of a migraine/
Enough to drive somebody insane/
My physical frame was paralyzed- the floor was sanitized/
The instruments they used were sterilized- but the terror lies/
in the fact that the metallic walls were covered with many eyes/
that watched as they probed my insides and analyzed/
They weren’t aliens because their faces were invisible/
More like chameleons with a nature that was mystical/
Completely irresistible mind control/
Trying to mold my will to theirs and redesign my soul/
Slicing me up like cold cuts- I was broke up/
If I could I would’ve spoke up but they had me yoked up/
And then I woke up- choked up- my spine and bones were tingling/
Awakened from a nightmare to find my phone was ringing/

Verse 2:
All of a sudden I heard a thunderous roar/
He busted through the door before my feet hit the floor/
No time to stay patient- with great haste I raced/
And slipped when I tripped over my Play station/
My green bean bag broke my fall/
As I groped for the wall, behind me I could sense His open jaws/
The smell of his breath was hot sulfur- not kosher/
I yelled as he crept and got closer/
Knocked over a vase, no space to race with him/
Shocked over his pace, I was face to face with him/
Envisioning my imminent homicide, dismemberment /
Collision with impenitence personified with grim intent/
A sinister smile, a foul grimace /
Particular style of a menace, the image was vile/
I was too subdued to struggle, woozy from the tussle/
Wanted to choose to hustle but I couldn’t move a muscle/
I was hurting, I thought I was a goner for certain/
Then I looked and saw the sunlight through the corner of my curtain/
At this point, I thought he would devour for sure/
But he just stood over me for a half an hour or more/
As the morning flooded the bedroom I could see a little better/
But his face was still obscured by a black hooded sweater/
Just then, it must have been an illustrious gust of wind/
That thrust him into the room’s other end/
My physical felt rejuvenated/
I opened the door, the whole house illuminated/
by the sunlight, my chance to bounce- I hesitated/
Because something just wasn’t adding up- it resonated/
Dedicated to go back and get some better data/
Feeling heavy weighted- yet it was like I levitated/
Over to the corpse, my thoughts had escalated/
I took off his hood and I was devastated/
So now let me state it: what could it be/
The dead villain in the corner of my room? It was me/
I fell back surprised, cried, lost all my drive/
Looked over at my clock it said 6:55/
As I tried to make sense of what I’d just survived/
A voice from outside said “Wake up, you’re alive”