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shai linne - High Priest
(from the album Storiez)
© copyright 2008

Verse 1:
Thereís commotion in my brain, strange is the notion/
Words cannot explain my range of emotion/
Iím speechless, my flaws exposed and my weakness/
Each breath draws me closer to a deep test/
Itís month number seven, itís been ten days/
Iíve been awake all night reflecting on my ways/
A threat to my peace in this greatest of moments/
Because Iím the High Priest and itís the Day of Atonement/
The LORD is so holy and perfect, Iím nervous/
Iím floored that He chose me to worship through service/
Donít ask me why the God who crafted the sky/
Drafted this weak guy from the clan of Levi/
Preceding generation taught me to read the regulations/
Deep meditation on decreed revelation/
Extreme trepidation breeds hesitation/
Yet I must lead and be the representation/
My occupation- to intercede for the nation/
But indeed my own sins need expiation/
The wrath of Jehovahís grim, sin is no joke to Him/
The hope is slim for unholy men coming close to Him/
Heís spoken in His Word the proper way of approach to Him/
Nadab and Abihu got it wrong and He roasted them/
These things I weigh as I sigh/
This could either be the greatest day of my life or the day that I die!

So you say that you wanna know the LORD/
Do you really wanna stand before the LORD/
Do you know what it takes to meet the LORD/
God is an all-consuming fire/
So you say that you wanna know the LORD/
Do you really wanna stand before the LORD/
Do you know what it takes to meet the LORD/
Be careful what you desire

Verse 2:
For now, no time to focus on my sinning/
I bathe in the laver though it seems extreme/
I put on the holy coat made of white linen/
Craving His favor- Iím ceremonially clean/
I check to inspect- no tangible faltering/
Next I must collect the animals for the offering/
A spotless ram and a bull- the components/
God gives to make atonement for my own sins/
This part of the ritual makes me real cautious/
Because the very sight of blood makes me feel nauseous/
Still I proceed by snatching him close, slashing his throat/
When his blood splashed on my coat/
Reacting, I choke- gasping thatís when Iím grasping/
Godís reaction that sin provokes/
I take a moment to reflect on the blood spilled in this/
Staring at the goat to be sent into the wilderness/
Iíll confess Israelís sins with my hands on his head/
Symbolizing guilt transferred instead/
To a substitute the living God provided and stamped/
Guilty of our sin, driven outside the camp/
This beautiful picture of hope and grace motivates/
And I donít want my fear to make this dope occasion go to waste/
Change my outer garments, slow my pace- yo I brace/
Myself to stand before Jehovahís face in the Holy Place.


Verse 3:
The time has come, the great moment has arrived/
About to enter in- what a lonely enterprise/
Look at the other priests, they speak only with their eyes/
Rope tied around my ankle just in case I donít survive/
I enter through the first curtain to a dark room/
Iím standing in the Holy Place, my thoughts consumed/
Iím caught off guard, Iím unraveling at this stage/
My heartbeat so hard itís rattling my ribcage/
Feeling like Iím disintegrating and I canít stand/
Comforted by the light emanating from the lampstand/
This helps my vision- I can see the showbread/
I think of Godís provision, that helps me go ahead/
I need courage to worship! Man, this is intense/
I take burning coals off the altar for the incense/
The sweet aroma fills the room/
The smoke protects my eyes- one sight of Jehovah seals my doom/
Itís no mere coincidence Iím here surrendering/
With fear and trembling Iím nearly entering/
I feel like running scared, hoping Iím not unprepared/
Stunned with fear- no one comes in here but once a year/
Nevertheless Iím at the point of no return/
Besides, I donít want my anointing to be spurned/
After counting to three, next time I inhale/
Iím in the Holy of Holies beyond the veil/
The first thing I realize is Iím thrilled that Iíve/
Entered into Godís presence and yet Iím still alive/
Iím awestruck by the weight of His terrible beauty/
Itís almost unbearable but I must fulfill my duty/
Approach the ark, the first part of my workís complete/
When I sprinkle blood seven times on the mercy seat/
Quickly I exit, impressed with the Hesed/
That rescues the wretched and left us accepted!