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Soldier the Brainchyld - What's the Purpose
(from the album The Paradox)
© copyright 2011

Verse 1:
Iím asking whatís the purpose in this thing called life/
They say itís a game, I just shoot the dice/
Donít need to chase the papes just know that Iím blessed/
Iím just a diamond in the rough kinda like Kanye West/
Iím trying to hold the banner of Christ, not just talk the talk/
ĎCause like The Phanatik lifeís an Incredible Walk/
Iím simply anxious for Heaven, Iím ready to adore Him/
When Christ comes back my soul takes flight like Air Jordans/
Hebrews 4 told me to proceed to the throne of grace/
Christ fashioned my heart thatís why Iím living in faith/
Not impressed with street cred, Iím here to spark the movement/
I want to put Christ on the map kinda like a blueprint/
While you searching for the guap, I simply proclaim the Rockís Name/
ĎCause Christ illuminates the path of the righteous like octane/
Christ is Worthy to be Praised from the cross to the throne/
When it comes to hip-hop weíre in a league of our own.

Whatís the Purpose-letís just say that Iím blessed/
I hold the banner of my Savior until my final breath/
Whatís the Purpose-letís just say that its life/
All have sinned in this world and the answer is Christ.

Verse 2:
Some think Iím opinionated Ďcause this is not the norm/
You conceited, Iím confident in the Calm before the Storm/
As I zone out on the beat, I take Your truth to the block/
ĎCause like Sean Connery I stay in pursuit of the Rock/
From tape decks to ITunes, sunsets to tropic cyclones/
My God rules the world and I donít mean Nasir Jones/
So what am I saying in this language I speak/
Jesus Christ is the true Shepherd slain for His sheep/
Itís plain and its deep, Iím fervent in my mission/
My purpose and visionís not consumed with fame Ďcause itís cheap/
Iím suited up in the armor of God and I ainít no Spartan/
My brainís too hard to fathom kinda like Dr. Carson/
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God/
As I spark this, I bust a rhyme like the Flipmode Squad/
His Word Iíve hidden in my heart, Iím aligned in His fruit/
Weíre on a mission to promote Christ like Sojourner Truth.