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Christ Centric - The Creed of Nicea
(from the album Didactic Music Vol. 1)
© copyright 2009

Hook: Apologist
The Holy Trinity, the Incarnation/
The Resurrection and also the Ascension/
Essential Christian doctrine is right here/
All embodied in the Creed of Nicea/

Verse 1: Israel Felix
Let's examine the Creed of Nicea/
Because with it we establish belief in Christ Jesus/
As one with the Father, of the same substance and essence/
For confronting objections they made an uttered confession/
Like we believe in God the Father Earth and heaven creator/
Maker of things scene and things that evade us/
And Jesus the Son and His infinite ways displayed/
Through Him every inch of creation's laid/
He came and descended born like all born to women/
With one condition He was incarnate by the Holy Spirit/
It's plainly seen He was made man, it's not made up like Maybelline/
How He change His scene like stage hands/
To save man crucified with the death of offenders/
To gain many an excellent entrance/
Then rose restored at the right hand/
To come again for judging man/
He'll interlude with endless rule and the glory of I AM/
And we believe in the Holy Spirit as Lord and giver/
Of life who wrote the scriptures as His spoken witness/
Who proceeds from the Father and Son/
Acknowledging one being in three persons so we will honor Him as one/
Worshipped and there's one church, a universal remnant/
Shown as a true work of repentance with one baptism for forgiveness/
Awaiting the rest of resurrection and the blessing of a life that's never ending.


Verse 2:
How do we have this case? Allow me to elaborate/
Itís power to the average faith, and how a dude could fabricate/
Essentially, this goes back a few centuries/
Sequentially, so men can see now it's truth we validate/
It started with this one theologian Arius presupposing/
There's only one almighty God scripture's be upholding/
Christ was god in a lesser state/
To prove it contradictory this squad did investigate/
This council of men decides to weigh these matters/
About 325 AD they gathered/
The only begotten son of God simply stated/
Arius differentiated, & thought begotten meant created/
Instead of tossing rocks, our gracious awesome God/
Raised these men of faith to demonstrate what was orthodox/
If God was one, how could it not be obscenity/
Unless the Spirit, Father, & the Son were a trinity/
Though not made, the same essence they're made of/
Figuratively speaking, no agreement with JW's/
This movement's still booming, assuming that He was just human/
Thus proving, their just dooming/
Anathema, this passage of Scripture we face in/
Galatians, if we don't move this waste out like catheters/
They made it systematic, so Christians had it/
And when asked they could spit it out their mouth like their lips were rabid/
Let me stress it clearly, It was necessary/
To put this document together like secretary/
Embodiment in the hope this action/
Disposed of opposing factions so they'd pose no distraction/
The Nicene tactics to nicely wrap this/
Theology, and body of beliefs to be concisely packaged/
Yet remain, so if ever changed/
We won't follow where the wind blows like a weathervanes in hurricanes/
Before you dismiss, disregard or distort it/
Know the Nicene Creed indeed is historic.