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shai linne - As the Hour Draws Near
(from the album Storiez)
© copyright 2008

Chorus 1: Evangel
As the hour draws near to take my last breath/
Iím not quite sure how much time I have left/
Iím walking the path of all the strugglers who died/
And Iím in fear of what awaits me on the other side

Verse 1: Evangel
Who knew that Iíd be shook up/
As I look up to the heavens and see itís near with I.V.s hooked up/
Like secrets it was nice to be kept by Christ/
Now every nightís a deep sweat from a life of regrets/
The thrill is gone- was faith real? Not fake like silicon/
Frontin like itís ďOkĒ like Lilí Jon was spilling sobs/
My will was drawn to this common facade/
Lord, now I repent for each dent in Your armor of God/
Knowing this: itís Your name that we defraud/
Without holiness, no one shall see the Lord/
My heart I canít mask from ya/
Donít wanna be a part of Your massacre/
Please donít stop my cardiovascular/
I hope I repped C-H-R-I-S-T/
And sported Him so good I could win an Espy like Wayne Gretsky/
Lord put my heart at ease, please before I decrease my BP/
And theyíre saying ďClear! I need Ccís!/
I think Iím losing him!Ē Because Iím bruised from sin within/
And donít think Iíll see Your New Jerusalem/
Youíre just, Lord- I need to be assured/
Iím unsure and insecure that where sin abounds Your grace did much more/
I need to get confidence believing Your promises/
Of Jesusí accomplishments, not help from the drug store/
Because mostly my reputation was count the world as defecation/
Yet I proceed with trepidation.

Refrain 1: Evangel
Sin was strong and my deadliest foe/
Steady wrong- am I ready to go/
I pray to God because itís hard to accept my heartís heavy, you know/
Iím not sure if Iím ready to go

Bridge 1: Evangel
Although You had promised I would live again/
For believing in Jesus Iím forgiven yet Iím shivering from hidden sin/
Because in the back of my mind, I knew I struggled as my past time/
Now Iím scared toÖ flatline

Chorus 2: Ant
As the hour draws near to take my last breath/
Iím not quite sure how much time I have left/
Iím walking the path of all my brothers who died/
And Iím prepared for what awaits me on the other side

Verse 2: Ant
Life was quick, but these last breaths seem the longest/
Iím on the brink of entering everything that You promised/
My heart skips thinking of what Iíll be in a moment/
This joy is undeniably precious fruit of atonement/
I cry tears of happiness because looking back/
I see the track that You sovereignly mapped for me- I see immaculate(ly)/
The cross of Christ, His awesome price and Your grace that carried me/
I persevered in shadows of brothers who marked the path for me/
In just a few breaths Iíll walk into a marriage feast/
And taste of Your goodness without getting a cavity/
Your majesty will light up the city that weíll inhabit/
And the Lamb will be the lamp in the middle- thereíll be no P.M./
I tremble at the fact that Iíll be captured/
By the blazing glory of the One that Iíve been waiting to see and Iíll see Him/
To see His face and worship perpetually wonít be boring/
Because this flesh wonít be a hitch anymore- Iíll be restored/
To new morning after morning- and cause You bled/
Death Iíll leave here on this hospital bed/
And step into the presence of the Bridegroom in heaven/
No more valleys to tread or trek through/
Or leaven to fight against- all things will be made new/
No struggling to pray, weíll sing of Your glory with angels/
Iím eager to go- I know Iím a part of Your kingdom/
Upon Christís deeds Iíll see bliss when the beep comes.

Refrain 2: Ant
My life was long and Iím ready to go/
I stood strong and Iím ready to go/
I canít wait to sing along with the throng up in heaven, you know/
Itís where I belong- Iím ready to go

Bridge 2: Ant
My sneakers are worn down hard from running this marathon in the trenches/
Was far from pretending, pressed on with repentance/
So now itís time for me to pass the baton/
And at long last, Iíll pass on into heaven.

Chorus 3: shai linne
As the hour draws near to take my last breath/
Iím not quite sure how much time I have left/
Iím walking the path of all the others who died/
And I donít care what awaits me on the other side.

Verse 3: shai linne
In a hospital bed, blood clots in my head/
Body chock full of meds and I got to be fed/
Through a tube- Iím comatose, wet food/ Aromaís gross pursued lewd moods as a refuge- overdose/
Frantic seizure, life empty, scary demanded leisure/
Anesthesia, temporary amnesia/
Iím found in this predicament surrounded by significant/
Others, my mother- itís crowded and Iím listening/
I hear a personís voice that I donít recognize/
Praying for me- It must be a reverend and his lies/
Nurse checking in my eyes- ainít getting no replies/
If she knew I heard everything, I bet sheíd be surprised/
My familyís upsetting me with cries, what they crying for/
If I could speak, Iíd ask the reverend what he lying for/
He said something about believing in the Lord/
Thatís ridiculous- we all know that Jesus was a fraud/
Atheism is logical, blind faith is comical/
Seven-day creation and Satan are mythological/
The Bibleís full of statements made by men/
Who were shaken- too scared to face the end/
The reverend said, ďDonít be hostile to the gospel- choose itĒ/
The only gospel I like is gospel music/
He said if I understood him take my finger and wiggle one/
But if I could have I would have gave him the middle one.

Refrain 3: shai linne
Because heís wrong and Iím ready to go/
Son, Iím strong, yo Iím ready to go/
If itís on then itís on- bring it on Iím ready to go/
Letís get it on son, Iím ready to go.

Bridge 3:
Iím anticipating hitting the essence/
Iíll crash through the gate in minutes or seconds/
His antics are fake so Iím dissiní the reverend/
My last action- shaking my fist at the heavens!