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Phanatik - Snitch
(from the album Crime and Consequences)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1:
With God as my witness, I am Godís witness
If I did not spit this, then nature would talk
Rocks crying out, trees swaying, the ocean waves
But why should praise take the nature walk
When Iím right here and Iím ready, able, and willing
Iím steady, stable, and chilliní
In his presence at a table in the wilderness
Far from the fables of the epics of Gilgamesh
Faithful, instilled in us the steps to make this pilgrimage
Now I know when Iím off now
When I can see how my world was totally off-balance
From following, following after Satan
Weíre lost with no source of navigation
We chase what we want then our own hearts stomp us
Like the arrow on Captain Jack Sparrowís compass
Were full of foolishness and focused on getting more
These dudes is doing this show you what itís hittiní for

We gonna get the Truth, then get it to you,
Then, take the stand, let it do what it do (yeah, címon and let it do what it do)
Why wonít you let the Truth (let the Truth) do what it do
We gonna get the Truth, then get it to you,
Then, take the stand, let it do what it do
While I take the stand and raise my hand
And place my hand on this book right here

Verse 2:
I was sworn to tell the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but
In my buttoned up suit, but I refuse to button up
Shoes shod with the good news (gazoontight)
You wonít sneeze but you might snooze and lose out on this good vibe
The hood tried to raise me as a kid
Thinking back to the days of the mid-to-late eighties when I lived
Sorta crazy and I did what I wanted, take chances
The Lord cut in on my dance and saved me from a bid
Not just from a bid in jail but from a bed in hell
So now I bid farewell to the life without Him
Since He did it well, well now I get to tell
Of His goodness in the hood to all the heads that doubt Him
Iím not just a son Iím also saved by the same One
Who saves us from sin thatís why we let Him
Take stage front and center, thatís why Iím glad Heís coming to enter/
Dudes like you and me thatís why I refuse to be censored


Verse 3:
Allow me to speak on His benevolence and goodness
Cause next to Him even Bill Gates is hood rich
And stingy beyond belief, penny-pinch with his funds
Cause even though he sponsors charities look at what the Father shares with even enemies
Who stand to oppose Him and donít believe His hand upholds them
The grand total of grace is amazing
Adding on top of Adams sin everyone whoís sinned since then
Gets the sense to see how long Heís been patiently waiting
In the meantime, He lets His Sonís beam shine
Down on the ground around the just and unjust alike
And they both get the rain that sustains them under the aim
He gains glory or not He still sustaining their life
Beyond His common grace is the kinda God that laces
His real children with banging building blocks for success
The first of all His good gifts is when He lets us share
In the inheritance of an eternal life without death
So ladies and gents of the jury watch how you judge Jesus
Cause when you see Him Heís gonna judge us accordingly
Thatís why I canít care if what I testify bothers
Cause if I deny Him, Heíll deny me before the Father