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Evangel - Rejoice
(from the album Elation Foundation)
© copyright 2010

Rejoice in the Lord always/
Give the Lord all praise/
Rejoice in the Lord always/
Give the Lord all praise/
The joy of the Lord is our strength/
You could get the joy of the Lord just repent/
You can come and enter, counted in the kingdom like a census/
Being born again with no placenta/

Verse 1:
God's bar was placed so high, standard of living/
There was no J-O-Y, standing forgiven/
God wasn't letting us off, we were imprisoned/
Without the shedding of blood like an incision/
His holy wrath was restrained since Adam/
Still there's a gap that remained- chasm/
But the lamb was the slain ransom attained/
If not, when he comes back there'll be pain- spasm/
Heaven and earth give feedback- consider/
His glory through birds that tweet that- not Twitter/
It's in the text like a sidekick- T-mobile/
Being Berean you will find it- be noble/
Our God came for a visitation, to change our situation/
showing He reigns like precipitation/
You better call on Jesus/
before you be R.I.P. plus, in front of God almighty judge/


Verse 2:
It's like we leaping with laughter/
We got joy, we don't need no swagger/
Huh boy? What you seeking after/
Your heart's void and deceitful- a fact bruh/
It don't quit and proceeds to attract stuff/
That don't fit like it need an adaptor/
It can't be earned like receiving a fast buck/
All your earning's gonna meet a disaster/
His concern was all the sheep that were scattered/
To return and find a feast in his pasture/
He ain't concerned with physique or your stature/
You gonna learn that you weak but you act tough/
He made it clear for you to see like it's plasma/
In giving air for you to breathe, this ain't asthma/
He is the reason for the preaching of pastors/
Caught up like we seized in the rapture/
Clothes off, all He sees is the capi-/
-llaries, of Christ, and we benefactors/
Inheriting life, and Jesus is master/
Your lips will produce, start reading the chapter/
Philippians 2, like teeth that were jacked up/
Brace yourselves, there'll be weeping thereafter/
Facing hell, so call on Jesus/
before you be R.I.P. plus, in front of God almighty judge/


Verse 3:
My description would be to you/
(silent pause) because it's joy unspeakable/
It might seem unbelievable- skeptic/
Jesus said my peace I leave with you- accept it/
Picture Jesus Christ sharing that- kodak/
He could meet you right where you at- lojack/
Like a quarterback facing a tackling/
God will be sacking sin, He placed his wrath on him/
By the grace of God, we get the happy end/
now Christ stands for men like he's our acronym/
I'm God's child and he won't harm me/
That makes me happy like I found a twenty in my pocket while I'm doing
But much more than a twenty, or benji/
There's plenty, the Lord's isn't stingy, His cross never empties, it's
true quota/
Is there's always room for one more, I'll scoot over/