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Evangel - Shalom Factory
(from the album Elation Foundation)
© copyright 2010

Verse 1:
Inside the shalom factory/
We find peace that doesn't come naturally/
Actually we find it has to be divinely designed/
Or manufactured for its mastery/
See, it's foreign cause warring, we love that/
We could spill a bloodbath, being children of wrath/
Truly damned by Jehovah in BC/
Through a lamb we could hope for a retreat/
His holiness would never retire, that sacrifice had to reach higher/
That was just a ceasefire/
If blessed are the peacemakers/
It suggests then cursed nonetheless are the peace breakers/
God's wrath is immense and it's brewing/
As interest accruing against every human/
But there's a day it meets/
Luke 1:79 a savior to guide our feet into the way of peace.

Happy is he, he is so happy and free/
So when they're scrappy and get nasty he will gladly make peace/
Because happy is he, he's part of God's family/
The work of Christ, has birthed new life inside, so that you will see.

Verse 2:
Peace is a wonderful thing/
Biblically, it can't be had without the son of it's king/
Principally, the prince of peace, who was summoned to bring/
Joy to earth at this boy's birth, angels coming to sing/
Peace for the enemies, through Christ the remedy/
Who came from the heavenlies, to squash the enmity/
Our beef he'd discard/
Through Christ' work on the cross we can have peace with God/
He supplied us grace, when he died in our place/
And we are justified by faith/
Jesus atoned, belief in him alone/
Leaves this shalom, peace that was unknown/
We go from wretched, vile/
Unbelieving heathen to blessed child, all because Jesus reconciled/
Set the sinner free of debt through affiliation/
And left a ministry of reconciliation.


Verse 3:
This is the peace the gospel talks about/
Beautiful feet, we now just walk it out/
To the men whose, staying into, being vengeful/
Cause their mental is still sinful/
They have hearts of stone, the backdrop, could have rocks thrown/
Cause the way of peace they have not known/
We show the Lord our gratitude, when they come with a salty attitude/
We explore every avenue/
On a peaceful quest, which indeed suggests/
The lost follow like a GPS/
By the way if you collapse, then swallow pride/
It's ok to go back and apologize, actually it qualifies/
As distinctive of sons/
We might even hit you with a wink and a gun/
It's not a character flaw, portrayed as a caricature/
Of they that don't advocate war/
Described as hoping no wars come/
God is so awesome, He made peace like he broke off some/
No shots from a piece, squashing the beef/
When the gospel is preached, it's the gospel of peace/
It's not nondescript/
While we're quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath, we won't
compromise through the bond of it/
It can't be found in methamphetamines/
Cause it's heavenly, James 3:17.


Nah, there's a war going on outside no man is safe from/
You can run, but you can't hide forever, you'll slide till that day
comes, thank God he's patient/