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Evangel - Savings and Moans
(from the album Elation Foundation)
© copyright 2010

Verse 1:
Let's get started the evidence/
Says blessed are which represents present tense/
Conscience feels, to the Son we yield/
This is constant, this is not a one time deal/
It's real, not meant for men to say sorry/
But turn from our sin and repent, that's godly/
It rings true inside, not the sorrow that Judas cried/
And eventually led to suicide/
Holy, sovereignly You're king and the boss/
Because of our poverty we cling to the cross/
Cause our life is inadequate/
But our comfort is Christ at Your right who fights as our advocate/
Though I'm still disheartened/
My guilt is pardoned, not dressed in my filthy garments/
Though it hurts, it'll disperse/
Cause You've begun, and You'll complete this work.

Blessed are those who mourn for their sin/
For the Lord shall be comfort to them/
For they are born again- born again/
They mourn for sin- mourn for sin/
The Lord of men- Lord of men/
Will comfort them, comfort them/

Verse 2:
Now here's the part that gets to me/
This apparent contadictory paradox of mystery/
Happy are mourners, a cause for confusion/
But we're blessed that the Lord won't impute sin/
When we grieve, you comfort us/
But at the same time, we are not to grieve the Comforter/
That we have inside/
So we don't rationalize our sin, trying to mask it or hide/
Leaving welps from the spanking we're taking/
But it helps in our sanctification/
We're blessed through the seed of Abraham/
We're the temple you inhabit not made with hands/
As we confess our sins, trust/
That you're a God who is faithful and just to forgive us/
This is a pattern we practice, a passage/
Given to teach the Body like anatomy classes/
By chance we mutter- at your throne/
The comforter sums it up with moans that can't be uttered/
Though we mourn for this life of despair/
We look forward to the day when You're gonna wipe every tear.


Verse 3:
Many lack wisdom, we have schisms/
It's one Lord, one faith, one baptism/
Peep this whole mystique/
When one member suffers, we suffer and weep with those that weep/
The souls you reap, you know your sheep/
It's deep, cause still the church goes through grief/
It hurts my heart when I see deceit/
And it's better to depart and to be with thee/
It makes sense to me/
To see even creation moans longing to put off it's entropy/
1 Thessalonians I'll quote/
We don't sorrow like those without hope/
To His son we're conforming/
If you add the u, it's true joy comes in the mourning/
You'll return for your disciples/
And we'll be like you, which is delightful/
On this earth which is recycled/
With the streets like gold, and we'll see life whole/
While we linger and wait, we'll be singing your praise/
Till that day like a recital.