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Ministers of Reconciliation - Kingdom of Heaven
(from the album Food 4 Thought)
© copyright 2011

Verse 1: Fearless Leader
I'm telling obstacles to move when they trying to wreck my life/
Break them curses from the past trying to wreck my life/
Who be these stumbling block fools trying to stretch your life/
Recognize Jesus Christ came to bless your life/
Loose the favor of the LORD flowing down on you/
Kingdom of Heaven is here flowing down on you/
Repent and believe the gospel, this is history/
Believe in the dream of God this is victory/
This mystery tell this world there's hope in me/
How can I stay low key? The Christ in me Yoki/
The hope of Gl-Glory, radically in my heart I bow/
And from the day of John the Baptist 'til now/
The Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force/
I can't be dancing around this fire, I need to go higher/
The Kingdom's built on love, let the Fruit of the Spirit release/
Rise up and get free let the struggling cease.

The Kingdom of Heaven, it suffers violence/
Take it by force, take it by force, take it by force

Verse 2: Soldier the Brainchyld
This is dedicated to our Savior and LORD/
We praise and adore 'cause You're faithful and pure/
Your favor is sure 'cause you're making us pure/
With our eyes to the prize we're chasing You LORD/
Your Word says You're the King on the throne/
So we never walk alone like Nina Simone/
This is Christ music, this is no love Jones/
Serve a God who spoke life to dry bones/
With a fervent mission, press on in faith/
As Outkast in this world like Big Boi and Dre/
Matthew 6 told me to seek the Kingdom of Heaven/
So we bask in His Presence, make tracks for the brethren/
Fact that I'm stressing is Christ is the Answer/
Sin contaminates the world kinda like cancer/
When it comes to the cross, we're washed in the Blood/
More than conquerors through Him who loves us.


Verse 3: Preach
This is how it sounds when we repping the Kingdom of Heaven/
Do me a favor, turn the volume up to 11/
I know you wanna bounce, I know you wanna roll/
You think I'm on my own but Christ is in control/
See, I bear the Fruit that never gets old/
Break the Living Bread, its good for your Soul/
Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done/
I pray you hear this voice in the wilderness/
We the people, the church and the steeple/
Serve Christ, there is none equal/
Run with this, I'm done with this/
Just look at what the LORD has done with this/
Yeah you can bounce and have fun with this/
But please understand it's Kingdom Biz/
Yeah you can bounce and have fun with this/
But please understand it's Kingdom Biz.