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Ministers of Reconciliation - Food 4 Thought
(from the album Food 4 Thought)
© copyright 2011

Food 4 Thought

Verse 1: Fearless Leader
He took upon the nature, the role of a humble servant/
Jesus the Christ taught us about real worship/
Made Himself nothing, no reputation bondservant/
Iím coming back to the heart of real worship/
Itís not about me, who am I reppiní in my verses/
Itís all about Him, Chief Cornerstone on my Purpose/
Reflect on Jesus His work and His Person/
Iím coming back to the heart of real worship/
Itís all about You LORD, let this mind be in me/
The mind of Christ when He stretched on the Roman T/
Golgotha Calvary, have you ever been to Gethsemane/
When you had to say LORD take this cup from me/
Nevertheless, Your Will be done in me/
The way your love and compassion sweep over me?
No selfish ambition, humility says/
I esteem each other more than me, no ďIĒ in team.

Verse 2: Preach
Word to love, written in blood/
Christ came in my crisis and cleaned it up/
Grace and mercy, He has plenty/
Bugged me out when He said love your enemies/
Blessed are the poor, the meek shall inherit the Earth/
The last shall be first, pray for your enemy/
Never mind if he smack you in the cheek/
Offer him the other cheek/
If he is hungry give him something to eat/
If he is thirsty give him something to drink/
The power of the LORD be the strength when Iím weak/
The tongue is deadly so I watch what I speak/
Thoughts committed, tryiní to keep my head right/
Voice crying up to Heaven all night/
Walk straight with Philippians 4:8/
They wonít let me in so I crash the gate.

Verse 3:
I break the bread and drink the cup/
(Fearless Leader)
Communion with the Body of Christ, thatís whats up/
Reminisce on what He did for us/
(Fearless Leader)
Do this in the remembrance of Me He told us/
Bear my cross Ďtil the time is up
(Fearless Leader)
I can still feel the witness of the spirit saying follow Me/
The only way you can be set free/
(Fearless Leader)
Continue in the Word, know the truth, youíre free indeed/
Christ open eyes let the blind man see/
But the Pharisees didnít believe/
(Fearless Leader)
Whether Heís a sinner or not, I donít know/
One thing I know is I was blind but now I see yo/
He spit in the ground, put mud on my eyes/
For some reason I was not surprised/
(Fearless Leader)
I realize like Barnameas my faith healed me many times/
I follow Jesus Heís the prize.