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Christ Centric - Holiness of God
(from the album Didactic Music)
© copyright 2009

Verse 1: Evangel
Let scripture give its definition, not a made up concoction/
Heavy is the weight of this doctrine/
God is light, there's no darkness at all/
Created man upright but now we're not from the fall/
No combination, sin with God is abomination/
Worthy of condemnation, end of conversation/
We can't coexist, notice this/
It so fully expresses Him He swears by His holiness/
'Cause when He takes an oath in it, it's certified/
Read the Word of God Psalm 89:35/
We can read the sword, Holy Writ and be assured/
Without holiness no one shall see the Lord/
Holiness represents the Lord and His excellence/
And next to Him we're just a reflection of decadence/
Glorious in holiness for reference/
Exodus 15:11 is the evidence for reverence/
The Lord is clean, pure it means/
He's set aside from the rest of us like a quarantine/
Heís unsurpassable, unmatchable,/
There's none next to Thee, we can't understand Your complexity.

Holy, the Lord is, Holy, the purest/
Holy, He's flawless, Holy is gorgeous/
Holy, He sure is all this/
And He'll burn the lawless because it's an eternal offense

Verse 2: Israel Felix
Since conception we're unrepentant sinners/
Infectious but God is penicillin/
Injections of the strongest strain/
We've seen His methods of dissolving veins/
Of wretches who will mock His name ingested in a ball of flames/
Yeah, and if your reckless youíre cut off the same/
Incinerates His targets with a marksman's aim/
Dog I'm saying God ainít playing/
If you violate his holiness/
You'll be among the number He annihilates to bowls of dust/
Man's been severed and torn from His holiness/
But there stands a cherubim for warning us/
Telling us to enter at your own risk/
If within our reach His throne sits/
'Cause your enemies opponents/
Cannot get where He's sitting it's strictly forbidden/
One hit of His vision your instantly incense/
Like in the garden or the tabernacle/
Wherever God is He has His gavel/
He's slamming the fist of justice/
You can't inhabit it with corruption/
He'll smash you as if it's nothing/
All who witness for this King, must present Him as pristine/
Or face Leviticus 10:3.


Verse 3a: Evangel
It's clear He should be feared worshipped and revered/
He's holy, so know the whole earth shouldn't be here/
It's so preposterous, the intrinsic nature of men/
His hatred of sin cause they're polar opposites/
We learn from the gospels God is holy/
Oppose, He'll squash foes like avocadoes to guacamole/
He's perfect deserving of work particular/
Of being all right like angles perpendicular/
His holiness in reigning needs explaining/
Just for one stain of sin Moses couldn't enter into Canaan/
Back when the planet wasn't darkened/
God and man together, one sin, banished from the garden/
Shook from the trickery/
Holy, so pure God won't look on iniquity, But took it on in victory/
The blessed Creator, came to rescue and save us/
'Cause He can't deny His divine essence and nature...

Verse 3b: Israel Felix
Our debt it was major He could not neglect it or waive it/
Yeah He forgave us but check out the method of payment/
He's revealed it from heaven how to deal with the filth of our presence/
And it's here in Leviticus 7/
Only with blood and ashes will His judgment pass us/
No gimmick but it shows an image of coming attractions/
A PRE-figuring of HE who intercedes/
For DEbo's mini me's He's THE true remedy/
Read through the 17th verse of the 5th chapter/
Of Matthew and see the reversal of sins curse and be baffled/
'Cause even the worthless have been purchased and captured/
By He who emerges as the perfect exactness/
Of all that's owed for fallen foes he bought our souls/
With no litigation call it propitiation/
To a holy God by a holy son with the holy spirit do addition/
Then you get holy Christians.