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Evangel - Bankruptcy DEPT
(from the album Elation Foundation)
© copyright 2010

Verse 1:
Lord, I'm so shook at Your presence/

I beat my chest and can't look to the heavens/

Why? I'm unworthy, but Lord please deliver/

I quiver, have mercy on me, a sinner/

Got me shaking uncontrollably like a stun gun/

You're so holy, we owe a fee we try to run from/

Being righteous, that's deep, my life is too cheap/
The price is too steep woe is me for I am undone/

You said you will receive a sentence/

But joy comes through repentance, Jesus Christ is the entrance/

He was slain to bring a change that was radical/

Christ' perfect reputation put up as collateral/

Clients, it don't matter if you came on the same date/

Cause your data won't change the exchange rate/

Poor in spirit, doesn't rise from the natural/

It's the Lord who gives it and supplies our capital.

Welcome to the bankruptcy department/

The Lamb runs deep in pockets, and bleeds a bargain/

This is the bankruptcy department/

We can't afford this debt; the law brings death/

But He'll strike a deal in the bankruptcy department.

Verse 2:
Poverty stricken, exactly/

Because of God I'm forgiven, look at me, I'm happy/

Lord You're so generous, perfect's the requisite/

The fall from Genesis, gave birth to our deficit/

We're all sin related, which is indicated/

By the first men created, why we won't be vindicated/

Got thrown out the garden, and told us the market/

Price, for profit, is to be holy and stop it/

I thought I had cash, that's a whole other topic/

No hoarding up a stash, there's a hole in my pocket/

Earning hell is what I could bring/

I would fail, be expelled cause in my flesh dwells no good thing/

Can't achieve that, it's heavy we can't relax/

It says that we'll be taxed for every single relapse/

But Christ would heal and cover sin's pollution/

Do not strike a deal with another institution.


Verse 3:
We accept, that he exists/

As we access, the planets on it's axis/

We want to subtract, we act like we're dumb with that/

The fact is we can't hide the fact that He's coming back/

To collect our sin qualified fee/

No discounts, even with a college ID/

David in the Psalms we can read it like the walls with graffiti/

And saw indeed he was poor and needy/

Was he hysterical, the wealthy king of Israel/

Or proving that it's not material but it's spiritual/

Your judgment is coming around like it's spherical/

But thanks to Christ your grace abounds it's a miracle/

I'm a pauper that once was a scoffer/
Now comes to the altar with nothing to offer/

No shining his wealth like a high roller/

No relying on self one iota/

But being powered by the son like solar/

Counting everything else as dung is my quota/

Assessing a fee that none can afford/

But blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.