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Evangel - Hilltop Housing
(from the album Elation Foundation)
© copyright 2010

Verse 1:
In this settlement is where we get well equipped/

Accountability, we really need this fellowship/

A holy Kurios, Lord, He'd be furious/

At sin, so I'm curious why we don't take it serious/

The way He slew Ananias and Saphira/

Or Nadab and Abihu offering strange fire/

As a body we need confrontation/

We should be a congregation of consecration/

Do we not see this, we call ourselves Jesus'/

Body, while parts of it look like prosthesis/

These claims are unjust/

When we're guilty of the same sin, let it not be named among us/

Like you found those in Corinth/

Even I tried to justify when I downloaded torrents/

Let's ride out, and not keep it in a hideout/

But let it shine from the inside out.

Let's submit unto His will with our living, godliness/

A city on a hill not hidden, obvious/

We're the salt of the earth/

If we don't practice what we preach, there's a loss of it's worth

Verse 2:
The Lord is not pleased, because they blaspheme/

Orthodoxy needs orthopraxy/

Perhaps they eyeing it as mockery/

Pastors conventions at hotels rated as the highest in pornography/

They go on technicality, there's choirs with men in it/
Effeminate, sinning with their homosexuality/

But the savior ain't having it, He won't play averages/

Of pragmatists, nor okay gay marriages/

God's blood purchased us with a purpose/

It hurts us when they lead in worship at churches/

Which is probably confusing/

They could view sin as okay as a logical conclusion/

1 Corinthians 5:12 shows in this verse/

That we're to judge those in the church/

Put him out, not so that we got him on the run/

But so he comes to his senses like the prodigal son/

Spirit's saved but his flesh was doomed with Satan/

So excommunication was the best communication/

Second epistle, He returned and recovered with grieving/

The church reaffirmed their love and received him/

Maybe we stopped we'd see the spreading doubts cease/

With no Pharisees hypocrisy, but bread without yeast/

Do we care what they're thinking, if there's no distinction/

Christ could appear in a twinkling.


Verse 3:
Misseo Dei, God's mission to this earth/

But Christians doing dirt affects the witness of the church/

We're sinners, Lord forgive us/

If we say we do not sin, you're not in us/

Let's watch our life and doctrine, ‘cause sinners need the sermon/

But how we live it out is our ministry's confirming/

God doesn't rank Christians/

Every position we do as unto God with thanksgiving/

If you're called to be a preacher then preach unto God/

If your job is as a plumber, plug leaks unto God/

Not a hearer but a doer, so they see more of God/

When they see our good works and He'd be glorified/

If you're a musician, harmonize unto God/

If you work in Mcdonalds, sell fries unto God/

If it's the post office, sell stamps unto God/

Cause the end of our lives we're gonna answer to God.