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Evangel - Elation Foundation
(from the album Elation Foundation)
© copyright 2011

Verse 1:
How should I start this here/
There's pain in my chest, I guess it sort of feels like my heart is
A lot to bear/
And I'm underground which might explain why it's dark in here/
In constant fear/
Then out of nowhere a bright little light spot appears/
It's awesome glow, accosts me so/
Then suddenly, off it goes/
I'm following this flickering light/
Sort of like a light's bouncing off a mirror but no mirror's in sight/
Ridiculous, right/
Anyway, here I go on a mysterious hike/
It masquerades as a path ablaze/
In a world pitch black like Satchel Paige/
It's got me on a wild goose chase/
A new place, I guess I'll soon face.

Verse 2:
Unto a door we have drifted/
To open it's not at all simplistic/
I'm not gifted to shift it/
Terrific, it's password encrypted/
I'm trying to make out, does that say selah/
Okay now/
My eyes squint trying to make out the fine print/
But it's legible, furthermore it's incredible/
Peep this danger/
All who desire to enter, read this brief disclaimer/
Wait, this part you must cover/
Take up your cross, hate father and mother/
With the same posture as a plate if you break the dish/
This foundation isn't make a wish/
But will entirely save you from the fiery lake abyss/
What should I make of this?

Verse 3:
Do I know this recipe/
To open the door, let me see, open sesame/
A dish? Ooh could it be/
Another word for broken, humility/
Password acceptance/
Just then the door opened, that's when I leapt in/
So strange/
Old clothes cast off, what is this a catwalk, wardrobe change/
Cause this awesome robe's slick/
Good thing I'm not claustrophobic/
As I step in, the walls getting narrow/
While I'm dressed in all white apparel/
Surprise, I'm inside/
An elevator with these words inscribed/
As you rise from the dust/
You've been in the dark so long, you need time for your eyes to adjust.