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T-Bone - Ministry vs Industry
(from the album Tha hoodlums testimony)

Chorus: Ask yo self, is you in dis for the ministry? Or in dis tryin ta make a little loot ballin off of dis industry. Out for
dead presidents to represent ta represent you, I'm stayin true many are called but the chosen are few.

When I was just a young buc, my dream was to get a record deal. and show teh people I could flip rhymes like top
gymnast or a seal I wanted to prove to the world and friends that I had what it took. Forget the crazy college homie
my futures in the rap book. Thinkin a record label was the key to my success no more gettin laughed at and people
always doggin the way I dress. DEPRESSED. Cuz people told me I d never amount to nate, and started believin
what people would say, cry to God when I would pray, tellin him why must people doubt me and put me down da
way they do. Seems the only people dat got my back be da Organized Rhyme Crew. So watch them people that be
close to you cuz sometimes the closest people be the shiestiest snakes that about to get you (and) forget you (when
they) back stab you (cuz they) jerk you (and) talk about you. Cuz the only thing these people want is to take
advantage of you believe me, my managers set me up just like a tent. Workin me seven days a week just carin about
that twenty percent, Pat na!

I still remember when I won a contest out of a thousand different types of artists. Now I'm headed down to the finals
tryin ta prove that I'm da hardest. Regardless, of what everyone would do or try to say I packed up all of my gear
and started drivin from da bay (down) to LA (and) Las Vegas, (and) through Pheonix down to Texas. Cramped up
in a station wagon cuz back then dey was no Lexus. Payin all of my own gas, food and cheap hotels. I never seen no
lobster all I ate was Taco Bell. So believe me, when I tell you dat I paid all of my dues. I didn t rap and make loot, I
used to rap and shine shoes. Anywas, I finally got to Nashville Tenessee. Now meetin all of deez people in da music
industry, tellin me who they work with, and all the people they know. But I'm not here to hear yo life storie I'm here
ta do a Sh-a-show. Then I finally performed at the new artist show case. Standing ovation now I got twenty record
contracts shoved up in my face. I told my self everything would be F-a-fine, til I looked up and seen they eyes full of
dollar signs. Every one tellin me to sign here, sign there. Knowin they finna gaffle me but yo these people just don't care

Then it finally happened, I got my first deal in 92. They flew me to Hawaii to discuss the things they gonna do. Told
me dat they was gon do this and they gon do that, I'm trippin off the way people act, always talkin behind my back.
And now they talkin about my cousin too jealous ones envy son, cuz we got these demons on the R-a-run. Mad cuz
I'm rollin da Lexus sportin all these fat jewels. Bank account all swollen and got a house up in the hills. Money ain t
changed me tho I'm still strictly ministry whether I'm dead broke in da streets or in dis crooked industry. Believe that
I'm gon keep, liftin up da name of Christ, I'm out, see demons lurkin so gotta go and pull a heist.