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Christ Centric - What No Follower Deserves
(from the album Didactic Music Vol. 1)
© copyright 2009

Verse 1: Israel Felix
Even for the lowly and pagan He keeps the earth in orbit rotating/
In orderly cadence and glorious raiment/
From the sun to the smallest atom/
All for the fallen Adam honor the God who's matchless/
Keeping it propped on it's axis/
Even though we're delinquent on property taxes/
He could of foreclosed it, making us homeless/
Leaving his city, pleading for pity on Maury Povich/
But, He's given time for growth like forbearance on a college loan/
He'll certainly get every dime that's owed/
From His mercy seat, look at what your eyes behold/
His ubiquitous witness, so we know it's God/
We don't need any sixth sense to get this for instance/
We're notified by what he organized as his witness/
It's common grace, giving grace unto us commoners/ Working so all can acknowledge and honor him as followers.

Since the beginning was the time it was designed as such/ He's kinds to us so it's time for mimicking this kind of love/
Be washed in the water of His Word/
And called as church what no follower deserves.

Verse 2: Israel Felix
Even for the broken abased men he gives His Word to guide our relation/
To God and creation do the obvious thank him/
He's governing all the atlas we're subject to all he's asking/
So honor the God who's matchless/
He could've considered us rejects/
But the Lord is good and he's given us precepts/
It's easy receiving a blessing/
But many will agree there's no ease in us being corrected/
But without it, there's a lot of confusion/
People offer their two cents but that don't change our chronic abuse/
They be like "do what works for you" a plan of arrogance/ We need a universal view like a planetarium/
To see all he ordained and all arranged/
And all he explains for getting people to call on his name/
It's a smorgasbord that the Lord affords like an ordered course/
And it shows us more than awarded tours.


Verse 3: Israel Felix
Do you see his present gifts as evidence of benevolence/ That beckons us to fellowship/
With the King of Kings, like especially his kingdom speech/
The Word in the flesh the full deity within the Seed of Eve/
Who paid our full penalty including legal fees/
He could of had a PhD the way he healed disease/
So he's able to fix 'ya with one stroke from his mighty word/
You might of heard of the greatest physician/
It's Jesus who leads us, Jesus who teaches/
And Jesus who leaves us his thesis/
And speaks in more volumes than encyclopedias/
'Til a lifeless deviant is harpooned/
Cause he's fishing for men like wahoo/
For his trophy case so displayed in the way that he caught you/
And reeling em in just to show his grace/
To a lowly race and to prove that his statements are all true.