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Christ Centric - Gethsemane
(from the album Didactic Music Vol. 1)
© copyright 2009

My disciples are with me, eleven
Told eight sit and watch, and proceed stepping with three brethren!
Steadily, we move in Gethsemane
Let it be known the 3 are Peter and the 2 sons of Zebedee!
Just for knowledge of stuff, this is a place where olives are crushed
Is that not symbolic or what?
I'm set to be put to death, I'm loyal
Trust solid, to be just like fresh olives are pressed to oil!
Surely you can stand here in patience
The same guys who saw me in my glory at the transfiguration!
My heart it feels exceedingly sorrowful
Your wrath on man's behalf interceding is horrible!
My soul's so intense, close to death
Keep watch as I depart a stone throw's distance!
My heart aches Father, Your Son'll meet your sentence
I'm prostrate, posture of complete dependence!
My enduring is important ’cause I who knows no sin will be sin for them!
It makes me gasp I'm set to face your wrath
Against the future, present and the generations past! So I state and ask
Father if there's any other means possible this cup could You make it pass?
I will be hung as filthy dung
But still not my will but thy will be done!

Friends, there are foes in our community opposing/
This is not an opportunity for dozing!
I know your tired but let me finish
Could you not bear with me for 60 minutes!
Clearly fulfilling the rest you seek
I know the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!
Men will appear and get hostile, for sharing the gospel
Beware temptation; be prayerful and watchful!

Ease my mind as I feel ruined, thus by design to reveal to men
I'm divine yet a real human!
Oh the pain and the agony I'm covered up in red sweat
I haven't even suffered unto death yet!
But this red sweat is blood just to express
What's bugging my chest yet still cover my head's stress!
I'm headed towards a bleak trail
A cross with three nails, after the followed course of betrayal!
No one stands with me all abandon me
Inwardly I wrestle, but still plan to be!
The sin redeeming vessel, for humanity
It's settled, the sacrificial lamb is me!
I'll undergo abduction, death, no corruption
Yet it's the path You laid for me like road construction!
You reign You devised it, therefore I rise with
The joy set before me but the shame to despise it!
This beautiful cup of atonement
My whole life's been leading me up to this moment!
Quench Your guiltless Son
I pray, if there's no other way, I'll drink, Your will be done!

I languish this anguish I'm under
To come to the sons of thunder to find their body language in slumber!
My amount of grief, not an ounce of sleep
And here I find my disciples are counting sheep!
I shared the caution, they should've kept
But they slept, like they're narcoleptic while I'm bereft near exhaustion!
Why bother, no need for confrontation
Back to my Father to plead in supplication!

Abba, Father, I'm faint and I'm weak
I'm stressed, acquainted with grief!
Unrest, fatigued, and feeling groggy
The worst man can do is have a blood spilling party
And just kill the body!
So that's not my life's intimidation
But God who destroys body and soul in righteous indignation!
Embarking on this ministry, the pardon of Your enemies
Is getting to me here in this garden of Gethsamane!
I'll weather your judgement's power
For such a task I've come I won't ask You deliver me from this hour!
So my body for their debt is the asking price
‘Cause to obey is better than sacrifice!
Glorify your name, as I'm called to die and blame
No shame as I'm glorified the same
After claiming the life I've surrendered the price to spend
To bend men the other way like they're hyperextended
Forget the mood I feel, to You I yield
My body for I have come to do Your will!
For this reason, I'm gonna face a seizing
By heathen and substitute man's place for treason!
I won't cower afraid nor becoming unsettled
For now I'm betrayed by the one with the devil!