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Timothy Brindle - The Heart of Christ
(from the album The Restoration)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1:
The Heart of Christ, the most beautiful thing/
Fully God—yet a Human Ruler and King/
Anointed in Davidic Royalty/
To the Father’s glory, full committed loyalty/
The Real Torah, whose heart fulfilled the Law/
Loving man, and for God, He’s filled with awe/

Our Adam heart, is fallen and ruined/
Behold the 2nd Adam—the Ultimate Human/
Because in the garden, He’d cling to Abba/
A bleeding heart of love He brings His Father/
Because a Whole Burnt Offering is proper/
But for Him—The Cross is His Altar/
Full submissive trust was His posture/
Trusting He’d be risen with kingly honor/
Come drink—don’t think it costs ya/
‘Cause out of His Heart flows springs of Living Water!

Verse 2:
Now let me demonstrate/
The High Priestly Heart of Christ from Exodus 28/
It’s pointing to the true anointed Jew/
Who intercedes, so God ain’t destroying you/
We see the LORD give the charge to Aaron/
To engrave on his holy garments, wearing the names of all of God’s people/
So before the LORD, on his heart he’d bear them/
Likewise in God’s holy presence/
For those He chose and holds as precious/
Christ always carries our names on His heart/
In permanent love—engraved with its mark/
And He’s appeased the Judge who’s just/
And His heart beats with thumps of love for us/
And since He lives without changing/
His Eternal Heart of Love is our Salvation!

Verse 3:
With His Father, before the start of humans/
In eternal heart-to-heart communion/
But for those who are hardened, ruined/
His Holy Heart would embark, pursue them/
On the Cross eternal darkness looming/
Because the Father’s Infinite Dart was wounding/
Way before the spear pierced sharply through Him/

“WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?!” He harkens to Him/
But He’d depart from Him ‘cause in the deepest part within/
Infinite Grief to pardon sin a real shocking thing/
His very Soul became a Guilt Offering/
Lord, in the very center of Your Person/
In the central part of Your Being/
You bore all my sin and perversion/
Wore it on Your Heart when You’re bleeding/
Because in Your Inner-Self, You felt the curse/
The equivalence of Your Hell deserved/
Behold, Your Vast Soul/
In reality swallowed up all our sin like a black hole/
Eternal Separation for the lost/
For the perfect restoration of the lost/
Your Resurrection—just resuscitation/
No! Your resurrection is our restoration!