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shai linne - Our God is in the Heavens
(from the album Attributes of God)
© copyright 2011

(shai linne's part only)

Our God is in the heavens
He does whatever He pleases! (repeat)

Verse 1:
The Sovereign LORD, Great I AM recognize the name/
He's always on top of His game, a Lion that simply cannot be tamed/
And no, He is not restrained at all- nobody can stop His reign/
So why do the nations rage and all of the peoples plot in vain/
Their sin and offense is against His excellence and they're not ashamed/
As though He's lacking the power to shackle them now in the hottest flames/
And so they cock and aim- the target? His cosmic reign/
That's like a kid with a super soaker trying to conquer Spain/
Man thinks he's a pugilist, trying to ball up his puny fist/
At the LORD, who is ruling this/
What's amusing is God just laughs, like "Who is this"/
Stupid kids who persist in foolishness/
It's only by God's power you exist/
Now you declare war on the LORD/
When before you were born, He formed you in the uterus/
Look- Our God is in the heavens and He does all that He pleases/
He's established His King in Zion and His name is Jesus!


Verse 2: God's Servant
Our God is up in the heavens and the seat at His right hand/
That's given to rule and reign is where Jesus the Christ lands/
And He sits preeminent, He originates the right stance/
Impossible for Him to fail, no there's not even a slight chance/
Constructor and Conductor, leaving the men amazed and saying/
"What manner of man is this that even the winds and waves obey Him?"/
From His purpose of election, and to birth, to our perfection/
He has ordained it and He decrees and works by His direction/
He never will suffer defeat, He's precisely the Truth and the Life and the Way/
So even when He died, they never took His life but He gave His life away/
To see when they crucified Him, nobody had imagined it/
Not only was a part of the plan to save but the climax of it/
He's gonna get glory, we're created to be His instruments/
His reign's inexhaustible- His rule is truly infinite.


Verse 3: shai linne
The perfections of God are not affected at all by human opinion/
Everything in the universe is under His control and His rule and dominion/
And there's nothing in the world that could ever could come to pass at last unless He first decreed it/
If we dive in His word we can read it, see all of His purposes completed/
And as hard as it seems, the heart of the king is a stream of water in His hands/
With discernment you'll see God turns it where He's determined according to His plans/
You gotta get a focused lens to truly understand where His control extends (everywhere)/
And I know that this offends, but the truth is the grossest sins serve His ultimate ends/
You might not hear it from your favorite pastor/
But He made the wicked for the day of disaster/
Sinners unacquainted with the way of the Master/
We have to explain what is plain in the chapters/
He's sovereign over creation and sovereign over salvation
Including reprobation, regeneration/
I wouldn't want to say this if it wasn't based in His revelation/
It's kind of stunning, men ignore His throne, the creature's lost it/
The time is coming when the Lord alone will be exalted.