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Timothy Brindle - The Daily Gosepl
(from the album The Restoration)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1:
Yo! Itís been a minute since I was spitting Ďcause I was in a pit of sins
They ask, ďTim what was your Ďdeliveranceí?Ē

I say, ďChrist dies and rose 2,000 years ago

He gave to sin, death, and Satan the fiercest blowĒ

So when the walk it is tough, and awfully rough, and falling in lust

Iím here to say: THE GOSPELíS ENOUGH!
ďBut Tim, I thought the Gospelís for Missions?Ē

Yeah, but Romans 1:15óPaul wants to preach the Gospel to Christians!
So I say Hosanna, I came to stand up and wave this banner:
The Gospel be my Daily Manna

Itís not that I gotta get saved daily

But its strong encouragement God will today embrace me
So I can from selfish pleasures turn

To Christ whoís my righteousness I can never earn

Itís more important than my poor performance
The only sure assurance that the LORD is for us
ĎCause Jesus is interceding for me NOW
So when God sees me, Heís guaranteeing that He smiles

CHRIST is the guarantee Godís favor is upon me
By faith, and not if yesterday I was godly

So no matter the circumstance
The Cross is proof: Godís fabulous purpose stands

So the Fatherís Covenant Loveónothing can budge
Itís as sure as the Life of His Son whoís above


Yo! Itís the Daily Gospel, Ďcause I need the Gospel daily
I often waver, myself is awful shaky
But I see Godís Love at the Cross so plainly
The Gospel is the power of God to change me
Itís the Daily Gospel ĎĎcause we need the Gospel daily
We often waiver, we know weíre awful shaky
But in the Gospel, I know He will not forsake me
Itís what fuels our love for You God to praise Thee!

Verse 2:
Yo! As I apply the Scripts, Iím convinced
The Gospel is the power for my defying sins
Where in the Bible am I finding this?
This is Paulís tying bridge to Romans 5 and 6
He says the power of sinís dominion lies in itís guilt
So of guilt reign over me then Iím tied to my filth
But this is why Jesus was bearing my sick sin
To suffer itís guilt, and then bury it with Him!
Now with God my relationship is amended
All because Jesus now lives and ascended
Now Iím seen as righteous as Himóit is splendid
So now the reign of guilt and sinís dominion is ended
So now my lifeís seen as true and right as His
íCause by faith Godís imputed CHRIST who lives
Union with Christóa truly priceless gift
So now GRACE REIGNS through His righteousness
Since my sin debtís completely paid at the Tree
Now matter how I feelóin the Savior Iím free
So sin can no longer reign over me
íCause Iím united to Christ, whoís raised up indeed
New Life, Godís attached us to Jesusí
Alive to Godóto practice obedience
So Iím on some, ďevery day letís fall on ChristĒ
And follow, right, call it the Gospel for all of life


Verse 3:
So youíre brokenóand you now you have sins too
Where do you go when He shows you your issues?
Run to Christ Ďcause His Gospelís His riches
See the Gospel in all of the Scriptures
In the Gospel, God promises
To pardon sins and wash your heart and cleanse
So I must make this statement
Weíre Sanctified more and more as we geed on our Justification!
íCause the first root of my sin, is unbelief
In Godís goodness and His abundant love for me
Another root of sin is self-righteousness
But the Gospel says my only help is Christ who lives
And my pride and idolatry, will die as I constantly
Look to Christ in the Gospel see:
An astronomically, awesome God indeed
Way greater than any the world can possibly, offer me
And when I see my Beautiful Savior who suffered
For all of the numerous ways I have blundered
Iím then moved to be truly gracious to others
And exhibit the Spiritís fruit of patience to brothers
But most of all, the Gospel brings me close to my Father
So in the warmth of His love I can soak like a sauna
So now I want to obey Him and show Him my honor
Not to earn His love, but as a chosen responder!