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shai linne - Mercy and Gracy
(from the album The Attributes of God)
© copyright 2011

Verse 1: shai linne
I gotta say this, God is gracious/
That's not just a doctrine statement but my heartfelt proclamation/
Of a God who saves men without obligation/
From sin's domination and the bonds of Satan/
Nobody sins in moderation/
That's obvious from our evil thoughts to our conversation/
We were dead, we needed more than an operation/
We had to be brought out the grave and made alive, awakened/
It's quite amazing how in salvation/
Each person of the Trinity contributes like a compilation/
The Father elected me, Jesus bled for me/
And regeneration is the Holy Spirit's confirmation/
So we repent of our abominations/
Consecration to the God who's exalted above the constellations/
The observation of the congregation is/
God is gracious with a lot of patience, so we gotta praise Him!

We'll forever praise His mercy and grace/
Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace/
His mercy and grace/
And Christ took the curse in our place/
Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace

Verse 2: shai linne
When I speak of God's mercy, I'm speaking of His tendency/
To tenderly express empathy towards His enemies/
Whether it be mentally or outright obscenity/
We effectively deserve hell for our enmity/
Adam left a legacy of sin, since we share in his pedigree/
We therefore share in his destiny/
If God didn't intervene, we'd all perish eventually/
In His great mercy, He gave us the remedy/
Christ lived sinlessly, then He paid the penalty/
His assassination was public like John Kennedy/
Rose on the third day, exalted to the heavenlies/
Repent and see your sins will be deleted from His memory/
Gain a new identity, eternal serenity/
Now it's clear we should "volunteer" like Tennessee/
To spread His fame endlessly, the message is essentially/
A merciful God sent His Son to set sinners free!


Verse 3: Timothy Brindle
In mercy, Christ saw our wretched condition/
But instead of giving us death for our sinning/
In grace, His blood paid the debt that's infinite/
Now resurrected with Christ and blessed because we're in Him/
Mercy: Christ turned the Father's anger/
Grace: Christ earned us all His favor/
And since Christ kept the precepts of the law/
Because of His perfection, we're accepted by God/
Real righteousness He gladly gives us/
The Father happily lavishes this/
Instead of filthy rags, our Dad's forgiveness/
The ultimate story of rags to riches/
His grace displayed in saving the worst men/
Behold, God's riches of grace are a Person (Jesus)/
Christ, the fountain abounding in His grace/
Over my foul sin and mountains of mistakes/
In pleasure He's immeasurably gracious/
Now we're seated with Jesus in the heavenly places/
Plus His Spirit's the strength that will change Tim/
He daily gives the grace of sanctification/
Forever we'll praise the I Am/
Who gave us grace in the Lamb before the ages began/
So Shai, with that, resume the chorus/
Because of the cross, all His attributes are for us!


Shai: Yo Tim, that was a bangin' verse, b
Tim: Nah, remember, I'm a sinner saved by mercy
Shai: What's mercy?
Tim: It's not getting what we deserve
Because Christ already suffered the judgment and curse
But Shai, yo, you blazed it ace!
Shai: Praise God, I'm just a sinner saved by grace
Tim: Well, define grace
Shai: Our redemption price immense
Both: Grace stands for God's Riches At Christ's Expense!