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shai linne - All-Consuming Fire
(from the album The Attributes of God)
© copyright 2011

Verse 1:
God's wrath is a perfection for which He should be adored/
A passion for this message: yes it needs to be restored/
He has holy reflexes towards the evil He abhors/
Cats who don't respect Him will receive His lethal sword/
The mass prefers the pleasures that sin easily affords/
Our blasphemous affections are the reason we're at war/
We should be in awe, His sweetness should keep us floored/
Sin's radical infection is the reason we get bored/
Repeatedly we snore, He's frequently ignored/
We explore evil lusts leaving us greedy for more/
The Master's recollection of our evil He records/
We have zero protection because He is keeping score/
It's bad for every section, there's no passing His inspection/
Because we're lacking the perfection that we need to be secure/
Everlasting dissection: the unbeliever's reward/
Disaster for rejection of the truth- Jesus is Lord!

God is an all-consuming fire/
Burning away all false desires soon/
He's gonna burn it away, the holy furnace will blaze/
Eternal the days, Somebody come on/
They're longing for mountains and rocks to be falling/
Please don't refuse the One who's calling you/
He's calling you, He's warning you/
Whatcha gonna do? Somebody come on.

Verse 2:
The Lord is speaking through His prophecies and all of His commands/
Unequaled in His qualities, He's awesome and He's grand/
He's regal and His policies are gloriously planed/
He's peeping the idolatry that's all over the land/
How people in society ignore the Son of Man/
By seeking their autonomy, they are caught in a trance/
But He will put a stop to the evil and apostasy/
The devious hypocrisy, the fallenness of man/
We're teaching you theology so y'all can understand/
According His plans: the slaughter of the damned/
Unspeakable reality to fall into His hands/
No sequels, it's finality and awful is the span/
No weeping or apologies, no sneakiness or bribery/
will keep the Lord from honoring His law and its demands/
We're pieces of His pottery- He causes us to stand/
His people see Him properly- exalted is the Lamb!


Verse 3:
In the Bible, God's wrath- we see it openly explained/
So mindful of its gravity, this poetry is plain/
A frightful catastrophe, His foes will be in pain/
Stifled, their anatomy and souls will be sustained/
Recycled supernaturally and locally contained/
The spiteful would be glad to see God's potency restrained/
Noticeably profane, they're supposed to be ashamed/
They joke like it's a game, they're woefully deranged/
Maniacal, they're actually opposed to Jesus' reign/
His rightful mastery of the whole of His domain/
Not tribal, but massively and globally ordained/
He died to make us happily devoted to His fame/
His rivals with their strategies, the prideful with their apathy/
Their idols and their blasphemies will only see the flames/
Denial of His majesty is totally insane/
The title of His masterpiece is "Holy is His name"!