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shai linne - Perfect Love
(from the album The Attributes of God)
© copyright 2011

Verse 1:
Now let's get straight to the topic, God's love is weighty to process/
And apart from the Holy Spirit, we're unable to digest/
Because man's depraved in his logic, so God's haters will mock it/
But inter-trinitarian love should make us astonished/
Imagine the Son enjoying the embrace of His Father/
Eternally paying Him homage as He bathed in His knowledge/
Equally faithful and sovereign, gracious, patient and honest/
Cosmic greatness blazing with radiance- conscious/
Holy Spirit also present, full display of His God-ness/
No creation could watch this- it wasn't safe for their optics/
What an awesome scene in heaven with all esteem and reverence/
It's Psalm 16:11 as conveyed through the prophet/
Overflow of joy and love, the Father made Him a promise/
To give His Son a people to liberate from their bondage/
So they're no longer slaves and hostages, but blameless and spotless/
Consequence of eternal love- our salvation's accomplished!

Love so perfect/
Love eternally/
Unchanging, Holy, Righteous Love/
Transcends our understanding/
But in Your nature there is perfect love/
Love so perfect/
Love eternally/
Unchanging, Holy, Righteous Love/
Transcends our understanding/
But in salvation there is perfect love

Verse 2
Now it's one thing to consider God's love that's within/
But how could God's love extend to men corrupted with sin/
Because we certainly don't deserve it, He's perfect and we're imperfect/
What's lurking beneath the surface? His mercy and deeper purpose/
Made in His likeness, installed with reminders of His law/
Despite our blindness from the fall, His kindness reaches all/
The fact He allows the sun to rise on this evil planet/
Means that His love is such that we can't even understand it/
In other words, don't let traditions fool ya, gotta let them Scriptures/ school ya/
As a matter of fact, see how Christ reacted when it came to the rich young ruler/
Love explicit, if it isn't His love, what is it/
Restricting Him from inflicting His vengeance on the wicked/
Some call it common grace, but I'm inclined to state/
That it's the love of God shining from a place that beyond time and space/
They say, "If God is love, what's eternal torment for?"/
Well, He loves the world for sure, but He loves His glory more!


Verse 3
Perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of this subject/
Would be the love of God that He expresses towards the elect/
And the second some people hear that, they get mad inside/
But it's a special kind of love the Husband has for His Bride/
It's a love that distinguishes her and sets her apart/
No other woman could ever have the same effect on His heart/
Because this Groom is not adulterous, this marriage has no openness/
His devotion is traced back to when the world was motionless/
In love we were predestined for adoption as a son/
Not for anything that we've done, check Ephesians chapter one/
Look, when we lived as God's opponents, He gave His only Son for atonement/
So we've got to see He can't possibly love us more than He does this moment/
In love, He justified us, in love, He sanctifies us/
So we don't have to jump through hoops to try to make Him like us/
One thing we truly cannot fathom- we're stunned/
The Father loves us with the very love He has for His Son!