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shai linne - Judge of All The Earth
(from the album The Attributes of God)
© copyright 2011

Verse 1:
Tune in with concentration as we resume the conversation/
The loftiest thoughts conceivable for human contemplation/
Trying to search the mysteries of the divine is real deep/
And when it comes to the nature of God, at times we still sleep/
We must risk people tuning us out as we discuss this/
The topic on the table for reflection? God's Justice/
The Scriptures are clear: salvation belongs to God alone/
And that righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne/
He's the priceless gift and treasure, all life exists for His pleasure/
And He is the standard by which all righteousness should be measured/
All human judges fail- no need to share the statistics/
But God judges perfectly due to His characteristics/
First, He's omniscient, so He never lacks information/
Secondly, His understanding: it has no limitations/
Plus He knows the thoughts and all the motives behind them/
And no one could ever go hide in a place where the Sovereign LORD cannot find them/
When passing a sentence, He has the power of execution/
The proper retribution for our private revolutions/
And He's in the position to smash us for our treason/
No one'll be copping pleas when God dispatches all His legions/
To execute the sentence on resolute defendants/
Who rejected the truth because they never knew repentance/
And those who stood against the Great I Am and His Anointed/
When God judges the nations through the Man He has appointed.

The Judge of all the earth shall do right/
The Judge of all the earth shall do right/
He is good and His ways are just/
Worthy of our faith and trust/
The Judge of all the earth shall do right.

Verse 2:
As we continue to consider this particular perfection/
Let's take a second to address a few misconceptions/
When many think of God they assume His love is a must/
That's true, but it doesn't negate the fact that God is just/
So when we say this, they'll wanna take us off the play list/
But God is never under obligation to be gracious/
See, justice and mercy are two separate categories/
And God is the one who chooses which way He'll have His glory/
The choices The Holy One certainly can't be faulted/
In punishing the guilty, His righteousness is exalted/
He also rewards the righteous, we kind of/ sort of like this/
The problem of course is that nobody who's born is righteous/
Because of Adam's descendants are inherently filthy/
That's problematic for a God who will not clear the guilty/
If God is gonna save us and demonstrate what His love is/
It must be in a manner that's consistent with His justice/
Jesus Christ, The Righteous One, the perfect solution/
Proving that God is just on the basis of substitution/
Perfect obedience, consecration without a flaw/
Yet, on the cross He suffered the condemnation of the law/
So now God is able to be just and the justifier/
Of all who turn from their sin and place their trust in Messiah/
The resurrected Lord is our infinite treasure truly/
He gives us new eyes to see His justice in all its beauty!