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Timothy Brindle - Means of Grace
(from the album The Restoration)
© copyright 2012

Acts 2:42 And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.

Verse 1: shai linne
The Lord’s means of grace are the things/
He takes
To squeeze and make us into Jesus shape/
The first thing mentioned? The teaching of Apostles/
All of which centered around the preaching of the gospel/
Of Jesus’ achievements through bleeding: completeness/
When believing we can receive this free gift/
Through preaching and teaching the meaning it deepens/
When reading we breathe in the Scripts with meekness/
Church history is super vital to remind you/
That every true revival came through disciples who knew the Bible/
But this gets missed today/
The first question to settle any discussion is “What do the Scriptures say?”/
Not my feelings, intelligence or wisdom/
That’s just a Christianized version of relativism/
In the sea of uncertainty His word it be the buoy/
Let’s receive it with joy as it fills the deepest void…

Verse 2: Timothy Brindle
Please destroy that poison fever/
That (says) we don’t need fellowship—koininia/
See, many times believers’ joy is meager/
‘Cause we’re not under Christ’s appointed teachers/
Don’t avoid your leaders, pastors and elders/
‘Cause I testify that they actually help us/
Like in a season of almost falling away/
Brothers called me each day to give me the gospel and pray/
Christ builds up His people through His people/
(So) stay close to the sheepfold ‘cause you (are) deceitful/
And let the topics not just be irrelevant/
Nah I’m talking Gospel-centered fellowship/
As His cherished servants prepare our churches/
To share their struggles and bear our burdens/
But not just focus on gloomy hearts of weakness/
But remind each other of who we are in Jesus!

Hook: by Melissa T
These are the Savior’s Means of Grace (Means of Grace)/
To sustain and keep His saints (sustain and keep His saints)/
They’re what He uses to restore His people/
The Word of God, and the Fellowship, and the Prayers, and the Breaking of Bread!

Verse 3: shai linne
Far away from the bright lights and concerts/
Humble saints are quietly doing God’s work/
Faithfully they labor in obscurity/
Because they understand the power of praying corporately/
It’s all because of Jesus’ accomplishments/
That we can be confident when pleading the promises/
Answered prayers motivate
us to grow in faith/
So we race to behold His face at the throne of grace/
The prayer meeting is the place where it’s grace there/
If you stay you’ll hear more crying out than a day care/
God welcomes our petitions, He welcomes our confession/
He welcomes our thanksgiving, welcomes our intercession/
Compelled because of Jesus And even when we don’t know how to pray/
The Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness/
So let us gather to pray this week, the more the better/
Weep and adore with pleasure as we seek the Lord together…

Verse 4: Timothy Brindle
Yo! The Son of God in His Love/
Gave us the bread and drink to symbolize His body and blood/
But at communion, Jesus is present by His Spirit/
Reminds me I’m accepted by His death and by His Merit/
Behold! The New Covenant Passover Meal/
Showing that the Blood of the Lamb has actually sealed/
Every single covenant benefit/
to the one that’s regenerate/
Who comes humbly penitent/
Christ is present to nourish our faith/
This meal surely conveys assurance and grace/
To encourage His saints and gird us with strength/
So Christ’s death is the Center of our Worship and praise/
But before you come to His supper, run to your brother/
‘Cause it shows we’re one with each other/
So feast on Jesus, who was torn and broke/
‘Cause through this means of grace, He restores our hope!