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shai linne - The Jealous One
(from the album The Attributes of God)
© copyright 2011

Verse 1:
Ok, let's begin- let your mind roam/
Our scene takes place inside of a home/
The husband has just walked up the staircase/
He glares into space with despair on his face/
His soul is on fire, inside there's a war/
That cant be denied, He stands outside the door/
On the other side, His bride and her lover/
Oblivious to the fact their lie has been discovered/
So as they embrace and try to make haste/
They have no idea whats about to take place/
Gun in hand, he longs to understand/
What would lead his wife into the arms of another man/
He thinks back to the day they made their vows/
Before God, before the minister and the crowds/
Exchange of the rings, the joy of the reception/
Now a tainted memory destroyed by deception/
He had been faithful to her/
Now the fire of his desire got him ready to do something hateful to her/
He never thought his wife would be just a faker/
And that her lust would make her a covenant breaker/
The promise of fidelity they made was glorious/
But now His jealousy has made him furious/
And they can't see the danger/
No screams or pleas they make could ever ease the pain or appease his anger/
He kicks open the door- they jump out of the bed/
"Don't move!" is all he said, gun pointed at his head/
The screams of his wife as she clutches the covers close/
Her lover spoke to plead for his life/
The husband says to the guy- "Look me in my eye/
My face will be the last thing you see before you die"/
The husband cried inside- his love was bona fide/
Trouble for the bride- double homicide.

How quickly we are to break the vows we made/
As our unbelief leads our hearts astray/
How long before He turns His face away/
We belong to the Jealous One/
We belong to the Jealous One/
Whose blood bought us back, whose victory won/
Our worship and praise to Him belong/
The Jealous One.

Verse 2:
The God of the Bible who invites our trust/
Must be understood to be nothing like us/
Most of the time, human jealousy will hurt you/
But when comes to God, His jealousy is a virtue/
One of His awesome perfections surely/
Thunders His law and protects His glory/
He gave us the gift of the marriage relationship/
To acquaint us with a faint taste of this/
A wife for her husband or husband for wife/
The only time jealousy is right in this life/
But just as the distance is great between earth and stars/
God's thoughts are much higher than ours/
So His jealousy is on a whole other level/
Unintelligible to the soul of a rebel/
But in sacred Scripture, God paints the picture/
The aim: to shake your frame- it straight convicts ya/
And that's what it should do/
God's jealousy is frightful, yet it's delightful and good, too/
I couldn't think of much worse if I tried/
Than a dude who smirks if you flirt with His bride/
So tell me, what kind of God would He be/
If He wasn't bothered to see idolatry/
Is God just supposed to laugh and withhold His wrath/
When He's replaced by a golden calf/
You say, I don't worship a golden calf/
Well for us, it's self and sex and loads of cash/
Atrocious paths, we still don't know the half/
Of how these things provoke His holy wrath/
So we stand in awe and wonder how come/
God took His jealous anger out on His Son/
So all those trust Him can see like we're supposed to see/
And be forgiven for our spiritual adultery!