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shai linne - The Omnis
(from the album The Attributes of God)
© copyright 2011

Hook: Andy Mineo
Who is like Him? There is none
Triune, Holy three-in-one
When all is said and done
God is amazing, amazing
His power cannot be compared
Exhaustive knowledge none can share
At all times everywhere
God is amazing, amazing yeah

Verse 1: Giano
Unlimited, infinite, universal/
Self-evident, this Prince is the newest purple/
Reigns suspended in glistening beauty circles/
Uninhibited, through His Spirit a new reversal/
No rehearsal Ė yeah, itís a paradox/
But Godís omnipotence isnít hidden behind a mega-rock/
That He couldnít lift; these critics better stop/
New internal physics exhibits He made the petawatt/
The sunís energy, atoms within a laser/
Adam needed an angle, Jesus became the center plot/
Now that could be geometrically or cinema/
Descartes or Demille, emphasis on the ďmetaphahĒ/
Or metaphor. You get the picture/
But consider the depiction of this power, is it fiction/
Does it take prophetic vision, or religion to envision/
Philosophical spiggity speculative admission/
Nah, Heís God anyway, weíll never break/
His code to regenerate, then create, in the face/
Of death, in comprehensive grace. Meditate/
Venerate this deity speaking degrees centigrade/
Now thatís cold ainít it, better than Joe Namath/
God delivers on His promise, you can quote Jacob/
Omni-Potence, Omni-Benevolence/
Power, Preeminence, bow to His excellence!


Verse 2: Omri
Who can fathom His understanding that fastened the sun to vanish/
And fashioned the other planets, imagine it from His vantage/
Inhabitants under famines, having a stomach famished/
He's not missing, if it's happening it was managed/
With God's vision; His non-ending cognition/
Called omniscience, is harassing the under-handed/
(How?) He sees into the plight - a view of each conscience/
And reads into the mind, perusing each thought, when/
Even dudes that lie, then move to keep cautious/
Heed to ruthless crimes they do, then He hearkens/
Peeking through the blinds of fools in departments/
Where evildoers hide in gloom and deep darkness/
He knows the future, we see the point is certain since/
All things happen by His pre-appointed purposes/
Even on the earth was His knowledge so impassable/
We see Jesus knowing both the possible and actual/
Whether boasting in sin or holding it in/
He'll expose in the end because hearts are open to Him/
This theme's addressed in God's word/
Observe Proverbs 15:11/
Though He knows innocence, the vast and the minutia/
He chose an affliction that evidenced true love/
Witness omniscience - wrath fell on His true Son/
Being crushed for sins, past, present and future.


Verse 3: shai linne
Question: Who is the real treasure and worth/
Answer: The Lord, who fills heaven and earth/
God in His essence/
Is infinite, transcendent, unlimited exhibited in omnipresence/
All things before His eyes are laid bare/
As He governs the earth and skies with great care/
There's not one sector or section/
That's undetected or left unaffected by His perfection/
So I don't even need to smell the marijuana stench/
To know my God is deeper than the Mariana Trench/
The calculation is 36,000 feet/
Below sea level- about 7 miles deep/
If you got to the bottom without imploding from the weight/
God would be waiting there saying, "Yo man, you're late"/
In the farthest galaxies, my God has the glory/
Because distance for God is a non-category/
Amazingly, God is able to be/
In Haiti and Greece, Jamaica and Sweden/
Barbados, New Zealand, Lithuania, Egypt/
Malaysia, Tunisia and the Arabian Sea simultaneously/
Before Him everything is naked and exposed/
That means there will be no escaping for His foes/
God's presence in His wrath will torment the sinner in hell/
But those who trust Christ- with them He will dwell/