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Timothy Brindle - The All-Sufficiency of Christ
(from the album The Restoration)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1: Timothy Brindle
I’m asked by my peers: “Hey where have you been
The last 5 years?” I say, “Buried in sin”
I thought I was righteous–but that’s a mirage
So God snatched off my mask and facade
Exposing the “true me”
When You the Holy One showed me what You see
I was loathing this lewd scene
But it was only so You could show me Your Beauty!
The Beauty of Your deep compassion
For needy cats who are steeped in mad sin
But because of Jesus’ bleeding, gasping
Now before God, my sin’s completely absent!
‘Cause on the Cross, it was like my hell/
So now my righteousness is Christ Himself!
Because of the Blood Spill
Your Mountain of Grace done smothered my dung hill!

Hook: Tony Wray
(Listen!) So what did God use to restore me?
Why, it was the truth of His Glory
Shining in the Son of God in His Face
Most clearly seen in the Gospel of Grace! BLAKAH!

Verse 2: Timothy Brindle
So you convinced that you ruined?
And the proof is the bad fruit of the sin that you brewing
Sick of the emptiness you pursuing
So what can fix the brokenness of a human?
Our help is not in 12 Steps
Or in books on the shelf that sells best
Like “health and wealth” mess that compels self’s flesh
‘Cause with “Self-Help” guess what you’re helpless!
‘Cause in self is indwelt death
So it’s not in attempts to keep self well kept
Only Jesus Christ Himself can save us from ourselves and hell’s depths!
So what’s the remedy for your sinning?
Is it in performance driven moralism?
(NOPE) It’s only falling on the Lord who’s risen
Whose Infinite Grace is of course sufficient!
To be re-born, forgiven, and adorned with wisdom
And freed from your morbid porno prison
And equipped for His mission
Only beholding His glory can transform a Christian.


Verse 3: Timothy Brindle
So name your need
He knows your strength is weak
But the unchanging grace of the Savior’s deep
In Christ Jesus, every saints complete
So come by faith to our Faithful Priest
(What is faith?) It’s just an empty hand
That receives the grace of the precious Lamb
Namely, God the Son crushed as your payment
His perfect life is our justification
So the Gospel’s not just for unbelievers
So every day we should trust and come to Jesus
Confess and plead we’re wretched, see
But His once for all death has perfected me!
So when you come to the Son, behold this:
The Riches of God in Abundant Fullness
When you come to His Blood, your soul gets
Peace with God, Abundant Love, and wholeness
I’m now making the argument
The most fargone sinner who’s dark and grim
Can be restored by Christ, He’ll pardon him
‘Cause Christ abounding grace is larger than
Your heart of sin that’s hard within
Towards all who His irresistible grace is targeting
Because the Gospel of Christ is the Power of God for salvation from start to end!