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Timothy Brindle - Self-Sufficiency
(from the album The Attributes of God)
© copyright 2011

Verse 1:
Creatures, there's none awesome/
Like Yahweh, the only Uncaused One/
Nah, none put Him into existence, see/
He always was His own sufficiency/
His glory- He knows it perfectly/
No need of time- He is His own eternity/
True indeed, there's nothing that You would need/
As a Triune, loving community/
The “I Am”—tells His famous Name/
From the burning bush—the self-sustaining flame/
Free in sovereignty—there’s no doubting/
He is all He needs—His own fountain/
You need none-You’re independent/
Impossible for You to have discontentment/
Because in Yourself—You’re full of pleasure/
Oh God, You are Your own Holy treasure!

In Yourself, You have all power and might
In Yourself, You are the fountain of life
With no lack—none else can give to Thee
You're fulfilled in Your self-sufficiency

Verse 2:
To speak of God in need would be absurd/
As Tozer said, “need is a creature word”/
Worthy of authentic worship/
We can’t add to God- He’s already perfect/
But Father, Spirit, Son, yes—all of You/
Chose to create—just because You wanted to/
Even though LORD—You don’t need us/
It pleased You to show Your glory to creatures/
The Son—the Word of Life- He speaks forth/
The Spirit—the Breath of Life- no weak force/
Of all Life—the living God is the source/
So to create—He needed no resource/
How we love this profound discussion/
That God made all things out of nothing/
Ex Nihilo/
How may tools did You use to create? Yup, it's zero bro/
It pleased You to create, by shouting/
Into existence every lake and mountain/
And snake and falcon/
Then You made human beings and with the greatest favor crowned them/
You sustain all things—a gracious fountain/
Providing rain by gallons for daisies sprouting/
But all of this didn’t add anything to God/
Absolutely nothing changed about Him!


Verse 3
Yo! This is hectic/
Since Adam disrespected Him who is the blessed/
From the life of God, we're disconnected/
We turn to idols for life- we're wicked, wretched/
And we're all disgusting, evil in our flesh/
And God would be just to leave us in our death/
And there's only One who can reconnect us/
To the source of life and oh, He is precious/
The LORD can give life or choose to kill/
The Lord Christ gives life to whom He will/
Because, like the Father, He has life in Himself/
So He is the resurrection, I’m hyper to tell/
Behold the infinite love of Jehovah/
For wicked, lifeless sinners—bubbling over/
When the Author of Life done offered His life/
Upon the cross- it’s God slaughtered and sliced/
The Immortal One became mortal to die/
Born to be torn for our horrible lies/
And sexual immorality/
So trade Him your death--for His Immortality/
The death of death in the death of Christ/
Now we live with Him in resurrection life/
Now we’re righteous because Christ was crushed/
The Holy Spirit is Christ’s life in us/
By the Word of Life, we’re alive and we’re full/
It’s renewing our minds—and reviving our soul/
So come daily to the Giver of this Life/
And drink deeply from His River of Delights/
When making mistakes or faint in our strength/
From His fullness receive grace upon grace/
From lifeless idols, let’s turn to Christ/
Who is Himself the eternal life!

Hook 2:
In Yourself, You have all power and might/
In Yourself, You are the fountain of life/
Even though the Father doesn't need us/
Yet to You, God, we’re worth the blood of Jesus!

In Yourself, You have all power and might/
In Yourself, You are the fountain of life/
So savor the Savior/
Because to know Him is the Life we were made for!