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shai linne - Triune Praise (Remix)
(from the album The Attributes of God)
© copyright 2011

All praise to the Trinity/
One nature, Three Persons/
Mystery of Divinity/
All praise to the Trinity!

All praise to the Trinity/
The same in Your essence/
Distinct in Your ministry/
I'll stand amazed for the rest of my days/
Pouring out my heart in Triune praise.

Verse 1:
Praise God the Father, the Immortal Creator/
For Your glory You made us, You're the Sovereign Orchestrator/
All that You decree will most surely come to happen/
You're awesome as can be and Your glory none can fathom/
Nothing could ever stain You, the heavens can't contain You/
We thank You for sending Your Son to explain You/
Otherwise we would have remained in the dark /
But You sent Your Holy Spirit to spark a change in our hearts/
According to Your eternal purpose and will You determined to reveal/
Yourself to those who deserve to be killed/
Those of us whom You foreknew adore You/
We praise You that You predestined us to be conformed to/
The image of Your Son who's the radiance of Your glory/
When I meditate on it, the weightiness of it floors me/
So Father, we'll praise you over and over again/
Because You sent Your only Son to atone for our sin!


Verse 2:
Praise God the Son, Second Person of the Trinity/
You're distinct from the Father, yet You share in His divinity/
Fulfilling an eternal covenant, You came through/
To planet earth to save who? All the Father gave You/
You became a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief/
For the glory of Your Father, You extinguished the beef/
That stood between us at the cross- the Father's anger released/
The Shepherd slain for the sheep, the situation is deep/
I can't find the right language to speak, in fact it's making me weep/
Just the thought of You saving this creep/
You're risen from the dead, I still can't get this in my head/
How the Judge could leave the bench and go to prison instead/
Lord Jesus, You're amazing, Your bleeding is what saved men/
It's the reason why we’re praising, can't wait to see Your face/
In the meantime, please help us to see You as colossal/
And by the Spirit live lives that’s worthy of the gospel.


Verse 3:
Praise God the Holy Spirit, 3rd person of the Trinity/
Distinct from Father and Son, yet share in Their divinity/
Holy Spirit we praise You, You don't like the spotlight/
You'd rather point away from Yourself and give props to Christ/
And yet because You're God, You deserve veneration/
And You're the One responsible for our regeneration/
You apply the finished work of Christ to all the elect/
Your call is effectual- You haven't lost one yet/
You comfort us when sin and Satan and the world's got us bothered/
And it's only by You that we cry out "Abba Father"/
You're the Spirit of adoption, the Spirit of Truth/
You graciously provide Your people with the gifts and the fruit/
You help us kill sin and dis-attach us from our idols/
If it wasn't for You, we'd never understand the Bible/
Because You wrote it- For our life it will surely suffice/
Amazingly, You do it all for the glory of Christ!