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Stephen the Levite - Give it Up
(from the album The Last Missionary)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1:
GIVE IT UP! Consider what the Father has given us/
In His Son: every spiritual blessing and we live it up/
IS IT JUST? No. Itís His mercy without a limit bruh/
This is what the Infinite does when the Son is risen up/
GIVE IT UP! Consider what the Son had to give for us/
Laid it down so they couldnít take it, He gave it willing Ďcause/
CHEA! Wrapping His eternality up in limits bruh/
Liviní with the sinners who hated His ever-living guts/
GIVE IT UP! This is His mission, Jesus was sent for us/
He was given a body simply so He could get it crushed/
STRIPPED TO NOTHINí, beaten by heathens Jesus was whipped and struck/
He was marked as a target not an artist of fisticuffs/
GIVE IT UP! Disfigured visage, his figureís ripped and cut/
Flogged and now attached to a cross, He would call it ďlifted upĒ/
UH! Our forgiveness is hidden up in His dripping blood/
More than just a trickle a river of Godís provision. what!

(GIVE IT UP!) We need your time, talents and treasures/
Whatever you have to offer is awesome, all in together/
Now, (RUN IT FAM!) ĎCause it was never yours to begin with/
Youíve been given a gift to pitch in for every oneís benefit/
(GIVE IT UP!) He became poor so we could be rich/
This is the steez of the Kingdom, no greed, we need to be spent/
(BREAK YOURSELF FAM!) Give us what youíve been given to give us/
Not a stick up, but itís robbery if you donít leave it wit us!

Verse 2:
GIVE IT UP! If youíre a husband, this one is meant for us/
This is the depiction youíre sent to live when considered one/
With another sister, itís in the scriptures so dig it up/
This is what commitment is, and itís bigger than getting some/
GIVE IT UP! Your role is totally sacrificial bruh/
See what Jesus did in the crucifixion and mimic much/
LISTEN UP! Marriage is meant for men not the pimps or punks/
Entering with selfish intentions, dipping when it gets rough/
GIVE IT UP! This is the mission of every Christian Husband/
Living with the sister and getting her while you give her love/
With your lips and visual, itís missional and itís tough/
But in Genesis commission begins in the crib with us/
GIVE IT UP! When I get time Iíll get to specific stuff/
But I think itís needed for me to leave it and switch it up/
CHEA! Just remember the picture thatís painted with His blood/
Donít just give your women a little, give them a crimson flood.


Verse 3:
GIVE IT UP! If youíre a Christian then youíre a member of/
His physical witnesses sent to finish His mission up/
CHEA! Paul would call us His body with many limbs and functions/
Working and serving Ďtil He returns in the ending but/
GIVE IT UP! Until His Kingdom comes and the mission's done/
We volitionally and sacrificially give them us/
GET ĎEM BRUH This is something we struggle with and it's tough/
But much is required from us because weíve been given much/
GIVE IT UP! Many chip in a little like itís enough/
Sunday cameo visits with the kids and your fifty bucks/
WHAT! They donít know what your gift is and your attendance sucks/
And fifty is less than a tenth of what you could spend for lunch/
GIVE IT UP! Listen to membership if you didnít bruh/
Are you wit us or just a consumer of religious stuff/
GIVE IT UP! The church doesnít work with that independent junk/
Stop being a leech and thief and try to contribute something.