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Stephen the Levite - Commissionary
(from the album The Last Missionary)
© copyright 2012

Consider Jesus who exegeted the Father for us/
Gave us a peak into what we'd see as He taught the Torah/
Displaying meekness as He would lead us to follow orders/
He was completely obedient through the cross and homeward/
His resurrection: the proof of His approval from Heaven/
His execution through crucifixion: the brutal testing/
It was unusual, viewing this dude who wasn't flexing/
Accepting punishment though He's nothing short of perfection/
Why was The Sinless One willing to let them kill Him/
March Him up to the top of the hill and hang 'em with villains/
What was the reason Jesus was beaten, leaking His crimson/
When He could easily bring His legions to keep Him living/
He did it all for the glory of Him who sent Him/
For the joy set before Him enduring the crucifixion/
Pouring’ His blood securing a cure for the poor and sin sick/
Who acknowledge the Lord as way more than a way to get rich/
The gospel shows us the cross is before the crown/
Though the reign future but now 'cause the Kingdom of God is ours/ Power from Heaven dwelling among the sheep of the Shepherd/
Who represent Him with reverence, the reign of the King is present/
If you believe that it means we need to be rich than repent/
This is the gospel of Jesus preached of the sent/
He told the Jews that their views of the Kingdom needed to switch/
They didn't expect the Servant rejected to be legit/
So in resemblance to the Son of the Father/
We know that us as the chosen play roles like Prince and the Pauper/
Proper it is for us to consider it as an honor/
To follow the greater Master and serve the way that He taught us/
Modeled for us humility, serving the Father willingly/
Still in His Deity, the second person of the Trinity/
So even we, as a royal nation of priests/
Gotta see that it's not beneath his peeps to scrub on some feet.