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Timothy Brindle - The Compassion of Christ
(from the album The Restoration)
© copyright 2012

But as I whore in the dark/
There’s Someone gently knocking on the door of my heart/
But to open up—is not an option, never/
Remember that vow? It’s closed off forever/
(Who is it?) “It’s the King of Love—the Blessed Savior/
He came to dig deep like an excavator/
To take your shame, sin stains and pain/
And remain as your Life Source—your respirator!”/
But I’ve never allowed any in before/
This devilish child—has many sins and sores/
So perhaps it’s a mistake, Lord/
He said, “No actually, you’re exactly who I came for!”/
But I spent my life violently despising Thee/
Yet your reply is: You delight in me/
Stay away from this awful ruined soul/
But that’s when You called me Beautiful/
I tried to just shun Him—but I’m tired of running/
And the Messiah really desires to come in/
He’s pursued me in this pit that I’m trapped in/
And I can no longer resist His Compassion/
I’m made in Your Image but I need restored/
I see Your Heart of Mercy beaming forth/
So I invite You Christ—come into this place/
Pour Your Currents of Mercy—Rivers of Grace/
I thought this heart was unredeemable/
Too rotten, dark—the scum’s uncleanable/
The depths of its death I deemed unreachable/
And You’re the only One who wants to clean my soul/
You rightly exposed the depths of hardness/
Your Light has shown how wretched my heart is/
But not to condemn me, to wash and then cleanse me/
And reign in life over the death and the darkness/
You didn’t expose me to leave me feeling dirty/
But to heal and purge me and reveal Your Mercy/
That it’s Infinitely greater than my sin/
And You’re Healing is greater than my pain that’s within/
I should be left to be doomed to the tomb/
But I’m rescued from death—through my Union with You/
Rose from the dead—You broke the head of Satan/
Now I’m a part of Your Global Restoration/
I had no rest like an insomniac/
Now ‘cause of Your Righteousness—Your Father’s glad/
And my wife and kids, You brought them back/
And restored my relationships with Mom and Dad/
You take pleasure in renewing the ruined/
United to Christ now I truly am human/
So my heart is alive to love and to praise and to give/
And encourage those enslaved to their pain and their sin/
Hoisted on the Roman Tree in blackness/
Your Voice it groaned for me to have this/
You Rose to free us captives, I’m ravished/
How You’re now rejoicing over me in gladness/
Jesus—I give You every pain in my soul/
Here’s my sexuality I thought Satan had stole/
And here’s my sin that You paid as a whole/
Here’s the throne of my heart—please reign in control!!!