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Timothy Brindle - The Pharisee and Tax Collector
(from the album The Restoration)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1: Phanatik
Iím just a man but I stand before you Lord, Your standards are so pure/
But Iím sure youíve gotta hand it to your boy/
Cause as I draw nearer to the mirror of your law/
Iím in awe cause now I see myself clearer, like whereís the flaws/
Iím mean I got flaws in me to an extent/
But not as many flaws as some, hint hint/
Whatís with this fellow here bellowing prayers/
Melancholy mellow with his head low in tears/
Yeah heís probably gotta be a real sinner unlike one like such as I/
I trust this guy wonít be justified/
By his works, look at him looking like it hurts to repent/
Since when was pain part of penitence/
Nah that ainít true, God I thank you/
You made me just a little lower than the angels/
So I know you must be pleased with my life they say that Jesus is Christ/
But who needs him when my deeds are so righteousÖ

Commentary 1: JíSon
Now this man seems to be confident in his works but/
Under the surface weíll see what he has truly worked up/
So for the Pharisee weíll say its fair to see apparently/
He hasnít seen the dirt that he had worked up but/
The mirrors there to behold the man/
He sees a broken mirror not a broken man/
No hope in the Lamb, the hopes in his hands and so/
Does he meet the standard we know the answers ďNO!Ē

Verse 2: Timothy Brindle
God! Iíve come to Your temple, abundantly sinful/
So Your Judgment is kindled: Your Wrathís displeasure/
But I hear Your Love can extend to rugged and simple men/
ĎCause Your Son He was sent for: Tax Collectors/
Sinís defiled my soul, feels insurmountable/
But Your abundant grace is bountiful/
I should be crushed and die, and thrust aside for my folly/
But I trust inside, You justify the ungodly/
Thatís what I am, an evil wretch/
So I beat my chest, yet the only thing pleasing You is Jesusí death/
On my knees I admit this, Iím the chief of all sinners/
Iím grieved, Ďcause even my best deeds, they are wicked/
So I seek Your forgiveness, that Jesus can give us/
Since His bleeding is finished, You said He is Sufficient/
Iím a sinner who is cursed completely/
So my only hope is that Youíll ďmercy-seatĒ me!

Commentary 2: JíSon
But the other man known as a thief and crook/
Refused to even lift his head to the heavens and look/
He recognizes he canít offer the deeds he has done/
To a holy God who would only just see them as dung/
So he beats his chest and cries for mercy/
Lord Iím a sinner no Iím not worthy/
So I tell you that this man will be seen as just/
ĎCause instead of his deeds he looked to Yahweh to place his trust! (Yes!)