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Stephen the Levite - The First Missionary
(from the album The Last Missionary)
© copyright 2012

Here’s how it started, the Godhead before this/
Formless and void little orb was in orbit/
Before this chaotic, star-less, darkness/
Was cosmically formed set a course uncharted/
Before this God gave His glory an audience/
Honor applause and awe for the Artist/
Before this, God gave order to all this/
Flawless, rawness, wrought with, thoughts of/
Rocks in the waters, flocks in the forest/
Broccoli and boars and oxes and orcas/
Ostrich, orchids, oranges, orchards/
Cod and the colts and dogs and the dolphins/
Sharks and the storks and koalas and walrus/
Foxes and frogs and unstoppable forces/
Small and enormous, monsters, harmless/
A song with a chorus, spotless, gorgeous/
Before this God had a talk in their office/
Plotting to solve this impossible problem/
Not yet upon us the conflict: God set/
At odds with His offspring imago deformed and/
Constantly warring obnoxious and torn/
In their conscience, born into bondage, morbid/
Godless, a horrible hostage, a corpse that/
Can walk but ignores Him, watch ‘cause before this/
Fall like in August the squad had resolved it/
Abba, authored that Yahweh incarnate/
Would drop in to squash it, flogged and scourged then/
A cross would support Him, slaughtered and tortured/
The cost was a fortune; God could afford it/
But not men, poor and, obstinate orphans/
Adoption secured them, bought when he offered/
His body and bore sin stopping the torment/
Gossips and whores can acknowledge the Lord/
It’s accomplished, more: His accomplice assures us/
The promise endures and, washes us pure/
In the process, cures when, nonsense, lures us/
And thoughts get distorted; drama gets thwarted/
Apologies soften their offense, blocking/
Demonic endorsements, pop-ups aborted/
We’re models adorning the gospel we warn with/
Before this, God took a walk in the garden/
And sought them, lost in the knowledge they’d gotten/
“Where are you” he calls them, gospel’s imparted/
He sparks mission off with, doctrine and offering/
Before this, jawn gets exhaustive and y’all get/
Caught with the content, locked in your noggin/
And stop with, scholars, jargon and arguments/
Dog, it’s important I charge you to walk this/
Before this is off at the onset I’m warning/
Y’all know your boy gets long-winded often/
I’m stopping shortly; the false is report/
Logic contorted and boxed in compartments/
God isn’t, nor missions; all is involved and/
Walls need to fall quick. Saw how it started/
Follow along and we’ll talk moving onward/
And watch how it all ends, pause it.

Start this off with rawness/
(Chea) spark this war; get honest/
(C’mon fam) launch this art at targets/
(Drop them) bomb this garbage hardest/
(The mission is) God’s not ours; get on it/
(Commission) baton’s in our grip, walk it/
(We enter) concerts, malls and markets/
(‘Til it ends bruh) problem solved, I’m off this.