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Timothy Brindle - What Great Love is This?
(from the album The Restoration)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1: Timothy Brindle
Dude, please turn the page
Adam was a human son of God it says in Luke 3:38
He was made in His Likeness, created as Righteous
As God’s son, He knew His embrace and His Brightness
But Adam sinned, so exiled from His presence
Plus His sin now has defiled His descendents
So Israel was God’s son, “Out of Egypt I called you”
And so were the kings of Judah—read it in Psalm 2
“But we’re all God’s children,” often they echo
But by nature, we’re children of wrath—our father’s the devil
And he wanted our death, like we’re his abortion
Cut off from (God) the Father—spiritual orphans
No rights as sons, and righteous? None
The Father’s only pleased with Jesus Christ has done!

O What Great Love is this?
That the Father gave His Obedient Son to take the punishment
For the sons of disobedience
So our new status as sons, is won—He gives us Jesus’
See what kind of love that the Father’s given us?
So we live it up as sons with privileges
See what kind of love that the Father’s given us?
We’ve been forgiven much, so our lives we give it up

Verse 2: Believin Stephen Brindle
Christ was baptized then you hear the Father speak this
“This is my Son, in whom I’m well pleased with”
His words were certain, was born of a virgin
He surely was perfect, yea the worthiest servant
The Son was with the Father in eternity past
He perfectly grasped His role as Son you can check His purpose and path
Was intimate with the Father, He’d worship and fast
All of His days, He always obeyed
Honest like Abe (but) we deserve to be smashed
He was offering praise, but then He fervently asked
For the cup to pass, but the Father was turning His back
He was cursed on behalf of us so we wouldn’t burn into chaff
Yea He averted His wrath; Satan the serpent was smashed
Now I can go to the Father and make my fears known
Jesus is God’s Son, not NASsir Jones (aka “Nas”)
My Lord, His blood dripped- yea it poured abundant
His work on the cross is surely what secures our sonship! (Chia!)


Verse 3: Believin’ Stephen
My thoughts are wild, dirty rotten foul
I know my sin list’s long, but Christ tossed the files
By faith in Him, I’m an adopted child
Plus thanks to Him, I always have the Father’s smile!!
Christ pleased the Father; He is the potter
His sonship includes the ladies because SHE is His daughter
He is so mighty; I seem so tiny
But His Word says I am an heir (AIR)…no Nike!

Verse 4: Timothy Brindle
The fullness of the Kingdom that He’s building abroad
Is for the freedom of the glory of the children of God
Raised up (Resurrected) in the Glorified bodies that He bought them
Sons of God in the fullness of adoption!
We’ll praise the Father, for His Works, believer
In the New Earth, the Son will be our Worship Leader
Towards His children, the Father will never have disgust
Cause the Love for His Son—IS the Love He has for us!


Say “ABBA!” (ABBA!!!)