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Timothy Brindle - Mercy Music (Come Home)
(from the album The Restoration)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1:
This song is written for backsliders/
And those who fell of “the road” like bad drivers/
Who think they’re too gross for Mercy and so, so unworthy/
And think the Christian walk’s a hopeless journey/
Perhaps like me, you try to smuggle conviction/
By lust or drugs or some other addiction/
Or you deny your disgusting condition/
Or think, to turn back is too much of a mission/
I know how you feel, like, “What’s the point of trying?”/
So you avoid the I AM, but you know that He’s real/
You’re pursuing sin, although it will kill/
And it’s ruining you, and No, you won’t be fulfilled/
He won’t disown you, you’re only hope, He is still/
‘Cause Christ groaned on the hill when He atoned for your guilt/
There His love was shown and revealed/
So, “Come, be washed whiter than snow” by the flow that He spilt/
For all your wrong sin the Lord is good and forgiving/
Abounding in love to all who call upon Him/
However bad your doubts/
He says, “Whoever Comes to ME, I’ll never, ever cast you out!”

If You’re God’s son or perhaps you’re His daughter/
And like a lost sheep, you so happened to wander/
After every lust you could imagine or conjure/
After every greed you could fathom or ponder/
Passing pleasures, look how fast it was squandered/
I know you feel like you been captured and conquered/
And done trampled on His Majesty’s Honor/
And you know how He has to cast off a scoffer/
But recall Jesus took the wrath and the slaughter/
But recall Jesus took the wrath and the slaughter/
Yeah! He already took the wrath and the slaughter, for you/
So you could come back to the Father!

Come Home (Come Home)/
Won’t you come back to the Father/
Come Home (Come Home)/
Yeah come back to your Father!

Verse 2:
In quick sand I was stuck from my tangents of lust/
Until I seen that the Blood of the Lamb is enough/
And if I was oppressed under the guilt of my sin/
Then how many other of His children are pinned/
Discouraged and despondent in ramped bondage/
In sin’s grip like anacondas/
Consistency, they just can’t accomplish/
Wounded on the side lines with a damaged conscience/
Convinced by Satan’s roaming legions/
That they’re only pagan hopeless heathens/
And therefore Jesus won’t receive them/
Because they have NO righteousness—No achievement/
But they’re really seeking to make their own appeasement/
When in reality, the only pleasing/
Atonement to God is Jesus’ groans and bleeding/
So let that be the only hope you’re pleading/
And you don’t need to first work your way back/
And nope, you won’t please Him with your personal lash/
Yeah, it’s true; you deserve to be smashed/
But Christ already averted the Curse and the Wrath.


Verse 3:
If nothing convinces you to come to your senses/
But you run from Him I pray your dungeon of sin gets/
So uncomfortable and empty that you run/
To the Sinless Son who gives abundant forgiveness/
‘Cause it isn’t WHOLE, you’re “secret heart”, its true/
Within your soul—the deepest part of you/
I know your spiritual stomach is starving/
So come back to Christ and He’ll abundantly pardon/
God put an eternal gap in your heart—so you going after sin is absurdity/
‘Cause it only leaves you trapped in the dark—so come be filled by Him who is eternity/
So peep it homie, though He is holy/
Behold Jesus, Whose so Meek and Lowly/
I too am weak—but Yo, He upholds me/
Don’t trust Christ plus Self—no! Jesus Only/
Why return to Christ, I’m sharing some reasons/
Sin is a lie—Christ swears His allegiance/
Sin is our cancer—but He bears our diseases/
See infinite grace—come cherish its freeness/
Receive all the Merits of Jesus/
And on Judgment Day, you’ll be there in His Cleanness/
While you are far off, the Father is chasing/
To receive you in His Arms in His Awesome Embracing/
His Son’s robe covers all your mistakes/
He slaughtered “The Best Calf” on the Cross in your place, kid/
Admit His law you were breaking/
Come as a jacked-up sinner—it’s the only qualification/
I should be the first to witness/
That Christ Jesus came into this world for the worst of sinners/
Say, “While revealing Your Cross to me/
Hosea 14:4, Heal my apostasy!”


Come Home (Come Home)/
So Repent ‘cause the LORD you can trust/
Come Home (Come Home)/
Yeah His Mercy is more than enough!