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Stephen the Levite - Wrote it This Way
(from the album The Last Missionary)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1: Timothy Brindle
I’m glad as I write raps and I’m hype/
‘Cause I’m actually right next to my African wife/
Our kids Black and they’re White, but the last thing at night/
That we recite is we’re ONE: grafted in Christ/
Cause our Master delights in great variety/
Look to creation--the plain eye can see:/
In flowers He made, styles in array/
His power displayed in Jew and Gentile that He saves/
It’s not just American but Amish and Arabic/
Diverse is His Church but we (all) Honor and cherish Him/
He accomplished this very thing--at the Cross--the death He died/
He bought His multi-ethnic Bride/
It’s the Covenant of Abraham /
Where every Nation, Clan/
And race of man will praise the Lamb in His Sacred Land/
Say, “O the depths of His Riches and precious His Wisdom displayed” in:
...“Page after page, I wrote it this way”...

Verse 2: Mike Wray
Ya’ll should see the countenance of those that we speak with/
All ready to challenge us, cause they don’t agree with/
Something we expounded on, that’s making their teeth grit/
Armenians, Calvinists, does the Scriptures teach this/
To some we are counterfeit; cause tongues we don’t speak with/
Even been surprised by some, who won’t even eat with/
us because we countered their, doctrinal beliefs in/
Israel and the Covenant, God able to keep them/
Some refuse to fellowship, Hanukkah or Christmas/
Is worship irrelevant, does it make a difference/
We’re so bent on pettiness, eternity creeps in/
Souls of men are perishing entering the deep pit/
Check out what the Bible says, back when Paul beseeched men/
Found in the Fourth Chapter in the passage of Ephesians/
Eleven through Sixteen, bickering, we play on the same team/
Listen to the great King say:
...“Page after page, I wrote it this way”

Verse 3: Stephen the Levite
Christ’s blood has identified us/
Doesn’t uniform us, but it unifies us/
We can be diverse but still not be divided/
We would be deformed if everyone was like us/
Imagine a body, only made of eyes, what/
Would you use for walking, tell me how you write stuff/
Who would do the talking, if there’s only sight, none/
There would be a problem; yeah you say I’m right but/
Still you want us all to, come in with a tie plus/
Fit in with your culture, I can see the pride ‘cause/
You just wanna alter, who we are in Christ but/
We’re being conformed to, His image and likeness/
Plus He was incarnate, meaning He defines what/
It is to be part of, culture and be righteous/
You don’t really want it, rather demonize us/
Take it to the Author, he’s gonna say:
... “Page after page, I wrote it this way”

Verse 4: Tony Wray
Many different callings, many forms of service/
Everything is all in, His eternal purpose/
Yes the Lord is sovereign; we just see the surface/
It's because we're fallen, selfish and imperfect/
Someone's doing awesome; we hate to see them flourish/
Wish we were exalted, we wanna be first just/
Read the words of Paul to the Corinthian Church First/
Correspondence, 12:18 is the verse/
To want another's office, and covet is godless/
Ain’t no superstars in God's Kingdom we're servants/
Some stars seem large and are visible to all men/
Other stars so far that we can't even discern them/
Even hidden stars it pleased the Lord to furnish/
For the glory of God who sees they are burning/
So we mustn’t squabble to be seen or be heard/
But in unity worship, the Word says:
…“Page after page, I wrote it this way”