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Stephen the Levite - My Wife's Soundtrack
(from the album The Last Missionary)
© copyright 2012

I'm writing the soundtrack for my wife/
It's mine to recite cause she's the love of my life/
It's like the Song of Songs--the story/
Is not merely an allegory of redemption/
But it's a non-fiction Iím living/

Verse 1:
If my life is like a movie, this is the awaited continuation/
Of KnA to take you to the present day situation/
A love story changing the pace and taking its place in/
The center stage, for Christ's glory to be displayed in it/
But wait a minute and take it in as I lay a foundation/
And start at the part where she really came in/
She snuck in the plot when I wasn't watching/
Like Adam taking a nap not knowing what God's penned/
Redeemed Thought is on stage rocking/
First Friday's is the spot and she's taking in the doctrine/
But that ain't when we started talking/
I was asleep so to speak and don't remember seeing shorty wop then/
We finally met formally at a bible study/
She had a man at the time and I was feeling somebody/
But the Lord's plans were better ours/
It was hard, but eventually both of our plans fell apart/
Before all the obstacles were removed/
He choose to pair us up to prepare a bunch of food/
We at Epiphany are throwing our first CCC/
And co-laboring showed us our chemistry/
The way that she would follow my lead/
Gave me confidence as a man and that's what i needed/
I started digging her and it was obvious/
Weíll talk about it later after a break from the plot causeÖ


Verse 2:
Did I mention we made some mistakes along the way/
From the gate I wasn't guarding her heart and it caused her a lot of frustration/ Though we didn't really know any better/
And hadn't read anything about how a couple should come together/
The ignorance doesn't erase the blame/
I wasn't framed; my thoughtless actions caused some real pain/
The lasting effects rippled for years/
Since no commitment was communicated it led to fear/
And that eventually became anxiety/
Sheís having panic attacks, and I ainít know, but the problemís me/
Meanwhile Iím talking to Pastor E/
And Tiffany about her being my wife potentially/
They said that she needed a little time/
So I waited for the ďOKĒ before making her mine/
On Dec 12 of Ď06, I told Trish/
The plot and the plan and we began our courtship/
We started off well and ended strong/
But in the middle it got kinda physical, thatís another song/
I took her Cali to meet the family/
So that they knew and approved of the new addition happily/
Then after about a week, I was down on a knee/
Toweling her feet as Iím breaking out a ring/
Then 5 months later weíre making vows/
A year and nine days after we started and nowÖ


Iím writing this soundtrack for my wife 3x
Itís like the Song of Songs 2x