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Stephen the Levite - Dividing Lies
(from the album The Last Missionary)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1: S.O.
Lies spoken, to eyes open, and minds choking/
You mind quoting; the Scripts rightly divide those and/
This song’s really to ignite and invite broken/
People who have sighed hopeless/
To read the signs since some have redefined some lines up in entire pulpits/
Tackle falsehood not culprits/
I can’t cope with, these liars who are closer to the fire/
Itching ears of their hearers they acquire and are buying/
What they selling to ‘em, you see the Gospel is embellished/
So the one you call reverend lies to your cerebellum/
Say you belong to Christ living life unrepentant/
See the type that I mention, needs enlightenment this second/
See what is missing in effect, Since Gospel affects/
And the God in the flesh who is wisdom/
Transforming the heart of man, calling Him Christian/
True faith and repentance is what I am hinting at...

The lies that divide us, the pride that’s inside us/
The eyes that are blinded, we “Boo when the whistle blows”/
The moods that mislead us, the wolves that deceive us/
Their fooling some sheep ‘cause, their “smooth like a criminal”/
The kid and the Levite, we spit so you see light/
Repent and get seized by, the “truth in your stereo”/
So if the shoe fits consider your clique ‘cause/
“Satan’s like a roaring lion trying to vic’ ya!”

Verse 2: Stephen the Levite
This is written for isolated Christians, the kind who hate to listen/
Their blind to age and wisdom, their common hatred gets them/
To side with a fake who’s lifted in pride and can play the victim/
He lies to make a living, he likes to bait-and-switch ‘em/
With Bible to sway their giving, he’s got the haters livid/
So a lot of saints defend him, he’s part of Satan’s system/
And plot to create division; he’s got a way with women/
But hides it to save his image but God isn’t playing with him/
It’s not a major difference in doctrine that makes him twisted/
And naw, he ain’t a bishop, he’s got a crazy gift and/
His followers pay to listen, no congregation with him/
A scholar made a critic who’s always complaining giving/
His thoughts on the state of mission, so smart he hates submitting/
He’s got these great opinions and logic but ain’t equipping/
The body for Great Commission, the flocks in danger with him/
He’s got persuasion in him to cause even greater schisms.


Verse 3: Stephen the Levite
The Body's got a lot of these false dichotomies/
Ministry policy and philosophies that divide the sheep/
Some emphasize the streets, others His bride to be/
We pick a side and beef with the other 'cause pride deceives/
The two are not to be so distinct that they're not in sync/
In John 13:35 He describes the link/
Between a flock at peace and the blocks that we plot to reach/
You need 'em both to show off the Kingdom of God to be/
Some would like to think that the church isn't God's elite/
They mock the Lord and call her the whore that rides the beast/
Based on their allegorizations they say the abomination/
Of desolation's taken place and we gotta flee/
The anti-Christ is the head and Jesus is not the chief/
The gates of hell have prevailed; the promise was not to keep/
This is our history now I hope we do not repeat/
You could be the next Harold Camping so watch for these.


We’ve gotta learn to trust God with his church/
‘Cause we are not as determined as he is/
His word guarantees it/
His work is completed when he returns/
You’ll see if you can discern (...realize)/
That the urge is teaching us so we'd learn/
(You’ll want me back some day)...