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Stephen the Levite - Voltron
(from the album The Last Missionary)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1: Stephen the Levite
We Voltron, (verb:) please observe like your showís on/
The dialect means the squad connects, thatís a old jawn/
Classic, started in the Godhead, passed it/
When the manís rib, had Adam spitting that, old poem/
Awestruck, looking at the woman like, awe shucks/
Heís bugging out, what you know about it? Boy was caught up/
Attracted, what God brought together donít attack it/
He Hates that, discord, divorce, not a fan kid/
One flesh, centuries of mystery, the Sonís death/
Ripped the veil, now itís been revealed, peep the oneness/
Profound, leave & cleave to Eve, sheís His own now/
And he is herís, Jesus and the church be the pronouns/
Engaged, committed to mission till the big day/
The Bridegroom, will arrive soon, until then wait/
Harvest, working like the first in the Garden/
The Last Eve, sowing that seed, she is all of usÖVoltron

Average Joe on the cuts

Verse 2: Mac the Doulos
The unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace/
Kind of an anomaly, but not in Godís economy/
Connected, and battle tested, best respect it/
And the gates of hell know we ainít to be messed wit/
The bodyís in the building/
The people, not the steeple; the Body IS the building/
Peep the gorgeous floor plus the lobby and the ceiling/
How you love God but wonít poly wit His children/
One of the reasons that Jesus was bleeding for.../
To unify, you and I: one body fam Ephesians four/
Christ crucified, buried, and risen/
In Christ weíre unified so thereís no division/
The Sonís so gung ho for unity.../
John seventeen: twenty-one to twenty-three/
We form both feet, both legs, both hands/
Chest, head, both arms...VOLTRON!

Average Joe on the 1s and 2s

Verse 3: Zae da Blacksmith
I thank God for these brothers that the Lord has given for me to walk with/
I Voltron with them, I live it and see it often/
Itís more than just collabing up in the lab and rapping over these tracks/
These brothers back it with acts/
That go beyond the stage and lights regardless of the fame and hype/
Picture the Levite taking aim upon a stain to spray and wipe/
And not consider it beneath him neither to exchange the mic/
Essentially to wash the feet of mad believers in his life/
I seen this brother put in work from cleaning our church building/
To building with the saints in the church and working to build with me/
(ďIts more than musicĒ) I can testify as a witness I see/
(ďlil Christ-likes multiply your existenceĒ)/
And I love it when a rapper's repping on & off the stage/
I can attest for Mac the Doulos bond-serving like a slave/
ĎCause if your with my Church on Sunday morning and you like how that sounds/
You can thank him in at the sound booth where heís serving in the background/
And if youíre checking for him in the middle of the week then/
You can catch where his West Philly life group is meeting/
Iím grateful that heís faithful, Hebrews 10:25ing it/
Heís building with the saints to facilitate discipleship/
Romans 12:4 to 8 provides the blueprint/
For us to grow fond & form a strong bond with the saints/
But peep the head of the regime/
Colossians 1:18 under Christ we conform & Voltron with the King!