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Timothy Brindle - Christ Restores
(from the album The Restoration)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1: Timothy Brindle
Christ restores my identity, torn by the enemy/
So no need to work more toward “a better me”/
Which before was my tendency: they’ll like me more/
If I dress and be hardcore—
I swore with obscenities/
Gotta act hip-hop talking that slick talk/
Bombing graff disc-jock rocking for big props/
Act crazy so the ladies will like me/
If I act black enough the racists will fight me/
Gotta be hard and tough funny for the party-rush/
Then at the job, yo, gotta be smart enough/
But because of the cross now/
That identity of Timothy is literally “Crossed-out!”/
‘Cause I have been crucified (so) I’m not a slave to sin/
Buried in the grave with Him in Christ, I’m raised again/
Inside He’s living, justified, forgiven/
In Christ I’m hidden I wont’ try to fit in/
So when I feel rotten, without any honor/
(Say) “I am a spotless child of the Father”/
“Holy to the LORD” it so reads my turban/
I’m a beloved chosen priest to serve Him/
A heavenly citizen let this be sinking in/
Christ Jesus—my identity—it is Him/
Christ, my Rest and Haven is my Destination/
Jesus—You are my Reputation!!!

Verse 2: Zae da Blacksmith
Christ restores my affections though it resembles more to a resurrection/
‘Cause He tore a heart of stone from my chest & gave me a flesh one/
He’s the best huh? That’s simple but here’s a difficult question/
Why would He suffer death on a cross for me though I’m wretched/
There’s no expression to capture the measure of His compassion/
That lasted as they thrashed Him with brutal bashings and lashings/
And that’s not even half of it cause it really gets drastic when/
He takes his last gasp along with the Father’s wrath for men/
How can I live with an attitude of indifference/
Anathema! He’s excellent spotless & magnificent/
The Father has given us his Son the Son has given us life/
The Spirit is living in us, giving us true delight in Christ/
But I’m forced to admit that I’m prone to forget/
Of His glorious grace and the price that He had to pay to redeem me/
So I go to His throne and repent beholding what all of my sin/
Has cost so that I can be brought to the Father so freely/
Christ is the Resurrector of all my affections/
I’m getting so hype that I might reventar (burst) like a cuete (firecracker)/
I’d get excited for lighting spliffs riffing and living reckless/
Now I’m delighting in Christ and meditate on His blessed, Word!

Verse 3: Stephen the Levite
Christ restores the image that man was first formed with/
Not destroyed but distorted/
In the garden we lost it/
Our first father fumbled the ball now we’re all benched/
All missing the target/
When the dart hits the board and the mark’s missed it’s obvious dog we all sin/
Yo! It’s not hard to call it/
Apart from the Lord we’re lawless and ignore who the Boss is/
We wanna be our own bosses Rick Ross’s with hearts full of garbage/
You can’t hide in the darkness/
God sees the offense/
And to resolve it’ll take more than the loss of your foreskin/
So when the Lord was incarnate/
He lived flawless fulfilling the law and through the cross we’re all His/
Reborn new Adam offspring/
Adopted but still rocking the image of God like a garment/
It’s the clothes of all the godly/
To show Him off partially until He returns with our bodies/
On that day we’ll endure seeing His glory and not cease/
But give him props for all restored things…Yea-Yah!