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Stephen the Levite - Fight Club
(from the album The Last Missionary)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1: muzeONE
Yo muzeONE back with his RT pride/
Still SI like I’m playing both sides/
Same coin stamped with the face of Most High/
B-boy stance with a stake in both eyes/
Change that; end it like a bullet to the brain/
Homie, grace that sweat it out like coolant in the veins/
Homie, face that, get up like a foot up in your drain/
Homie, ace that test with out pulling any strings/
Homie, hold that beef, brother, I’mma get an ExLax/
Those that street like, “How can they digest that?”/
Those that preach like, “When they gonna get that?”/
Those that see like “When y'all gonna dead that?”/
Beating on the body like a one-man step team/
Treatment more ungodly than an online check scheme/
Tweeting out our drama like the only way to vent steam/
Speaking of our brother like we son them with our vet steez/
I am the chief of the goat-skinned Jacob’s/
I am not exempt from my own sin nature/
I stand to eat what my own lips baked up/
But I am redeemed by the bleeding of my Maker/
You too, unity alone is centered on us/
Meeting at the throne with humility in tow/
Yo! A little bit growth can sweeten bitter fruit/
Yo! We fighting for uniting, never settle for a truce…

Verse 2: Stephen the Levite
Let’s rumble something like your subs do or cubs in the jungle/
Knuckle up and bruhs get humbled/
If I’m hurt it’s only my pride don’t cry sir/
It got murked and now I’m alive that’s God’s work/
My church kinda like a fight club/
But we got the dove soap, first John 1:9 bruh/
When brothers become close, the friction ignites stuff/
That’s why I fireproof my marriage in Christ’s blood/
Do you feel the friction? In the midst of the tension we live in/
Kids sin against other sinners we get it in wit/
Commitment to one-another is what keeps us in the oven/
To see that the tussling is loving/
We confront sin trying to be as peaceable as possible/
The means can be exhaustible, we see it in Apostle Paul’s/
Epistle to the Romans in ridicule/
I’m hoping you get it through, your dome when I spit it dude/
We’re fighting to Voltron divided we go wrong/
United we’re so strong, provided we’re both on/
The same page, frighten the Zarcons who may aim, fiery blow darts/
And maintain mirey cold hearts/
Vacate the place and make haste doing it/
Can’t change the faith of claimed saints rooted in/
A Great Savior slain to save, make unit then/
Take fame and praise for grace He’s ruling in…

Verse 3:
Rule it out, hooligan mouth shouts fruitlessness/
To them in drought; who gets crowned without stewardship/
Prudence is hashing it out without losing them/
With truthfulness, passion & power in sound unison…
(Stephen the Levite)
If you begin schooling them clowns you sound foolish then/
Lose a friend, proving you’re proud and without humanness/
You can sense boos from the crowd get loud losing it/
Moving in, you'd better bounce they shout, "Dude repent"…
“About face”, an ounce of grace out weighs/
A thousand pounds of foul statements and pounds fakeness/
Into pavement; a new pace laced with patience/
Faith feed the flames that vacate your basements…
(Stephen the Levite)
Embrace it; get in the cage face engagement/
And fight fair, kick, ensnare, beats and breaks/
Make him tap out, don't let him spaz out/
He’s in a glass house trying to throw stones this is a mad house!

Fortify your friends mortify your sin, though you're sure to rise/
Sin can end you if it sorta dies/
Life’s more than being immortalized/
Seeing Him glorified through your mortal life homie, you're short of time/
Draw the line; you're on the borderline/
Doing things you thought are fine because they're not a sin the law defines/
But the Lord is giving maturing eyes, showing you wrong and right/
And you've got a war to fight so fall in line.